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Oxygen Not Included Wiki
This article has not been revised for the current version (U40-494396). It was last updated for AP-398142. It may contain inaccuracies.
This article has not been revised for the current version (U40-494396). It was last updated for AP-398142. It may contain inaccuracies.

Algae Distiller converts Slime into Algae and Polluted Water. It will output the Polluted Water to its output pipe, and drop the created Algae on the ground from its bottom right tile once 30 kg have accumulated.

The Slime stocked in it won't emit Polluted Oxygen.


Algae Distillers are quite slow, so you may need more than one if you have large quantities of Slime available. Because they emit Polluted Water, heat up quickly, and have a low decor value, they are best placed far away from living quarters or in a sealed room. Still, they are able to create two of the most important resources in the game (Algae and Water if you use Water Sieve), and therefore are a good option for mid-game once you start exploring the Swamp Biome.

Both outputs will likely be contaminated with Slimelung. It is not particularly important even if Algae is immediately used for Oxygen production, since Slimelung is only contagious when inhaled and dies off quickly in most mediums other than polluted oxygen. However, to minimize infection chances a room filled with Chlorine or an Ore Scrubber can be used to sterilize the Algae before use. Since Slimelung cannot survive for long in a liquid, using the Polluted Water is generally safe.

Alternatively, a Buddy Bud can be planted next to each Oxygen Diffuser. Since only one type of germ can occupy any given tile, saturating the air with the Buddy Bud's Floral Scents will completely prevent Slimelung from infecting the air even if the Algae used is infested with it. Care should be taken to ensure no dupes with Allergies trait will come in contact with the Floral Scents "germ", however.

The sublimation of the Sublimation Station in theSpaced Out Logo.png Spaced Out! creates a good synergy between Puft ranching domestic Arbor Trees. Burning Ethanol into a Petroleum generator already produces most of the Polluted water needed for irrigation. An Algae Distiller can be used to provide the rest. This set up can be optimized to produce large quantities of Carbon Dioxide, Polluted Dirt, Slime and Meat.

Heat economy[]

The Algae Distiller is an inherently heat multiplying machine: The total heat capacity of its output is about 14.26 times higher than the total heat capacity of its inputs, if the input Slime is 30 °C or warmer. If it is cooler than 30 °C, then this ratio will increase slightly with each degree below 30 °C. For example, at 15 °C Slime temperature, heat will be multiplied by 15, and at 0 °C, it will be multiplied by 15.83.