Each Duplicant comes with individual attributes that affect his job performance and vitals.

Attributes can change over time by performing certain jobs.

Name Description Bonus per level Trained by
Athletics Duplicant's movement speed +10% (speed) Walking or running in a Manual Generator
Cooking How quickly a Duplicant cooks food +10% (speed) Cooking Food
Digging Digging speed +25% (speed) Digging, Mopping
Learning How quickly a Duplicant conducts research and gains skills +40% (research speed) / +10% (skill leveling) Doing research
Strength Carrying capacity and combat ability +2.5% (mass carried) Shoveling compost
Construction Building speed +25% (speed) Constructing and Deconstructing Buildings
Creativity The speed and finesse with which a Duplicant creates artwork +10% (speed) Painting and sculpting
Immunity Disease susceptibility and recovery time +1% (regeneration per cycle) Cannot be trained yet
Medicine Ability to heal others +20% (speed) Healing others
Tinkering How adeptly a Duplicant uses machines +10% (speed) Operating machines