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This article has not been revised for the current version (U40-494396). It was last updated for LU-356355. It may contain inaccuracies.
This article has not been revised for the current version (U40-494396). It was last updated for LU-356355. It may contain inaccuracies.
This article is related to content of the Base Game. There may be a version for the "Spaced Out!" DLC, see Biome (Spaced Out).

Biomes are regions on any Asteroid, with each containing 8 Biomes, with the exception of Rime Asteroid which contains 10 Biomes.


There are 11 different biomes in the game. Each biome contains different resources, critters, and plants, and are mostly separated by veins of Abyssalite.

Although each biome has a color shading applied to it that stays after the biome is mined out, there are no special properties beyond the contents of the biomes. (so, for example, the Frozen biome does not cool itself, only starting out cold and cooling through Wheezeworts, which can be removed).

Naming Convention[]

The names used on this page are community-given and do not align with the official names of the equivalent, but changed biomes of Spaced Out!. For example: the community-given name for the biome containing slime is Swamp Biome, yet in Spaced Out! it is called Marsh Biome and there is a real Swampy Biome which contains mud and polluted mud, yet no slime.

Biomes Contents[]

Biome Default Temp. Range Metal Rock Other
Liquid Gases Plants and Critters Border
Temperate Room
19.85 ↔ 24.85 °C
Copper Ore Sandstone AlgaeCoalDirtFertilizerOxyliteSand Water OxygenCarbon Dioxide HatchShine Bug
Buried MuckrootMealwoodBristle BlossomBluff Briar
GraniteIgneous Rock
Forest Room
19.85 ↔ 24.85 °C
Aluminum Ore Igneous Rock DirtOxylitePhosphorite Water OxygenCarbon Dioxide Shine BugPip
HexalentMealwoodArbor TreeOxyfernMirth Leaf
GraniteIgneous Rock
Marsh Human Warm
24.85 ↔ 39.85 °C
Gold Amalgam Sedimentary Rock SlimeAlgaeClay Polluted Water Polluted OxygenCarbon DioxideCool Steam VentNatural Gas Geyser PuftPacuThimble ReedDusk CapBuddy Bud AbyssaliteNeutronium
Jungle Human Hot
39.85 ↔ 49.85 °C
Iron Ore Igneous rock PhosphoriteAlgaeBleach StoneCoal None ChlorineHydrogenCool Steam VentNatural Gas GeyserChlorine Gas Vent MorbDreckoPincha PepperBalm LilyMirth Leaf AbyssaliteNeutronium
Frozen Cold
-46.15 ↔ -16.15 °C
Wolframite Granite IcePolluted IceSnowAnti Entropy Thermo-Nullifier None OxygenCarbon Dioxide WheezewortSleet Wheat AbyssaliteNeutronium
Rust Cool
-16.15 ↔ 6.85 °C
Iron Ore Mafic Rock RustSalt Ethanol ChlorineCarbon Dioxide DreckoSqueaky PuftNosh SproutDasha Saltvine AbyssaliteNeutronium
Tide Pool Human Warm
24.85 ↔ 39.85 °C
None Sedimentary RockGranite Bleach StoneSaltSand Salt WaterSalt Water Vent HydrogenCarbon Dioxide PacuPokeshellWaterweedPincha Pepper AbyssaliteNeutronium
Barren Human Warm
24.85 ↔ 39.85 °C
Iron Igneous rockGraniteObsidian Coal None None None AbyssaliteNeutronium
Oil Hot
49.85 ↔ 99.85 °C
LeadIron Ore Igneous RockGranite DiamondFossil Crude OilOil Reservoir Carbon Dioxide SlicksterJumping JoyaSporechid AbyssaliteNeutronium
Volcanic Extremely Hot
1226.85 ↔ 1526.85 °C
None Obsidian Neutronium Magma None None AbyssaliteNeutronium
Space varies with height IronCopper OreGold Amalgam Mafic RockIgneous RockGranite Regolith None None Shove Vole No-Go Zone

The location of each Biome varies depending on the Asteroid Type. See corresponding Asteroid Type for more details.

The above table shows only what is primarily generated in these biomes; there are some exceptions:

Biome Descriptions[]

Temperate Biome

Temperate Biome[]

Main article: Temperate Biome

The Temperate Biome is the place where Duplicants start. It contains clean Water, Dirt, Sandstone, Sand, Coal, Algae, and Copper Ore (which provides a small decor boost). The Muckroot, Mealwood and Bristle Blossom plants growing naturally here will provide food until other Food options are researched. The player is guaranteed to start with at least five accessible tiles of Oxylite, which should produce sufficient Oxygen for the Duplicants to survive until Oxygen generation structures have been researched. Algae found here will last for about 20 or more cycles after that. Shine Bugs and Hatches can be found in this biome. The Temperate biome is bordered by a mixture of Granite and Igneous Rock, and is located in the center of the map, surrounded by the other biomes.

Forest Biome[]

Main article: Forest Biome

The Forest Biome is an alternative start location. It contains Igneous Rock, Aluminum Ore, Dirt and limited Water. The Hexalent, Mealwood, Arbor Trees can be found here. Oxyfern provides Oxygen in early game. Pips live in this biome.

Swamp Biome[]

Main article: Swamp Biome

Swamps are warmer and have cavities full of Polluted Oxygen, often under high pressure. Pools of Polluted Water and dug up Slime will add even more Polluted Oxygen. Players can find more Algae here, useful if its still needed for Oxygen generation. The Slime can be converted to Algae as well. The primary rock is Sedimentary Rock, which can be mined quickly due to its low hardness. The Gold Amalgam found here is the most heat-resistant Metal Ore. Dusk Caps and Thimble Reed grow here, the latter of which is crucial for the production of Clothes and other useful things,such as exosuits and canvas production.

Mining swamps can take a long time, due to the slime, which contains Slimelung disease, that harms duplicant productivity. Pufts and Pacus can also be found in this biome.

Caustic Biome[]

Main article: Caustic Biome

This biome is hot but habitable, and here the player can find Pincha Pepper plants that produce Pincha Peppernut for the Gas Range, as well as Balm Lilies which can be used to make Medical Packs. The Chlorine and Hydrogen gases in the cavities here are unbreathable. The Bleach Stone found here is useful to keep the Duplicants happy with a Hand Sanitizer, and Phosphorite is used as a fertilizer for Pincha Pepper. Caustic biomes often have large veins of Coal, Igneous Rock, Algae, and Iron Ore (which has no special properties compared to other Metal Ores). Morbs can be found here as well. In one caustic biome, there will be either a single Chlorine Gas Vent, the only renewable source of Chlorine, or a second Natural Gas Geyser. Dreckos are often found in this biome near Balm Lily and Pincha Peppernut plants, they can be alternative source of Reed Fiber.

Frozen Biome[]

Frozen Biome

Main article: Frozen Biome

In this biome, Hypothermia can strike Duplicants without Warm Sweaters (which can be made in a Textile Factory). The temperature ranges from -20 to -40 °C. It contains large amounts of liquifiable Ice, Polluted Ice, and Snow, as well as veins of Granite and Wolframite (both notable for their excellent Heat transfer abilities). For gases, there is Carbon Dioxide and some Oxygen. Players can find Sleet Wheat and Wheezewort plants here. Frozen Biomes are not generated directly next to starting biomes.

Anti Entropy Thermo-Nullifiers found in Frozen Biome can help cooling the base.

Rust Biome[]

Main article: Rust Biome

Rust Biome contains Rust, Salt, Mafic Rock, Iron Ore. Nosh Sprout and Dasha Saltvine grow here.

Rust and Salt are alternative Oxygen sources when water electrolysis is not feasible.

Tide Pool Biome[]

Main article: Tide Pool Biome

Tide Pool Biome contains Salt Water, Brine, Salt, Sand, Sedimentary Rock, Granite. Waterweed grows here. Pokeshell lives in Salt Water pools.

Oil Biome[]

Main article: Oil Biome

It is located right above the volcanic biome. The temperature is ~80 °C (on the top) and up to 380 °C (on the bottom). It contains Crude Oil, Oil Reservoirs, veins of Diamond, Granite, Lead and Iron Ore and pockets of Natural Gas and Carbon Dioxide. It is inhabited by Slicksters.

If the asteroid has Irregular Oil trait during world generation, the Oil Biome may appear anywhere in the map.

Volcanic Biome[]

Main article: Volcanic Biome

Volcanic biome appears at the very bottom of the map. It only contains liquid Magma (about 1600 °C), Obsidian and Neutronium which can't be destroyed.

Space Biome[]

Space Biome

Main article: Space Biome

The surface of asteroid. It contains Mafic Rock, Regolith and Granite in the upper layers, and Igneous Rock can be found in the lower layers.

Meteor Showers can randomly happen and bring refined Iron, Copper Ore, and Gold Amalgam in item form and Regolith in block form.

Gases and liquids are sucked into the vacuum of space through the open background, and in the absence of gases heat can not dissipate from materials and objects. Adding Drywalls helps to construct rooms that can hold air and liquid.

Barren Biome[]

Main article: Barren Biome

This biome is filled with generic rocks, and lacks any features.

Electrum Biome[]

Electrum Biome is no longer used in current game as of Launch Update.

Electrum biome appeared on the top of the map in the first Helicona preset and in the second preset, it appeared as world border. It contained huge pockets of Electrum and Vacuum. In Helicona 2 preset there occurs Iron Ore and Copper Ore is not completely surrounded by Neutronium.