Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a non-breathable, heavy gas. It Its accumulation is generally one of the first problems a budding colony needs to tackle.


  • is a sterile gas, meaning germs can not multiply in it but die slowly off in it
  • stops food rot completely - contrary to ration boxes or even refrigerators - making storing it in a room of pure carbon dioxide a good solution
  • is safe for plants like mealworm to grow in it
  • tends to sink to the bottom compared to other gases
  • does not interfere with composting

Cooling it down below -48.1 ℃ turns it to liquid but at - 56.5 ℃ it already becomes solid so transport of the liquid form needs insulated pipes.

Removal Edit

Algae Terrarium and Carbon Skimmer both scrub Carbon Dioxide from the air. A Slickster can turn it into crude oil.

It is NOT removed by growing plants.

Source Edit

Coal Generator, Natural Gas Generator, Petroleum Generator, and Polymer Press all generate Carbon Dioxide.

Duplicants exhale it (especially with the trait Mouth Breather).

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