"Oh! Citrus scented!"


The Deodorizer is a Decontamination structure in Oxygen Not Included. It's purpose is to reduce the threat of Diseases by filtering the air and converting Polluted Oxygen into Oxygen (gas) at a rate of +90.0g/s. Deodorizers are best placed near structure that produce Polluted Oxygen such as the Algae Distiller and Compost.

The Deodorizor can also be used to clean out pockets of Polluted Oxygen found outside the Base, and the renewed Gas transported to the colony via Gas Pipes and Gas Pumps. A Filtration Medium such as Sand is also required for functionality. The Deodorizer will additionally produce Clay at 143.33g/s.

The Deodorizer is in the third Research tier in Decontamination. Duplicants will need to have learned Plumbing and Sanitation to unlock it.

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