Heat Stroke is an illness (not a disease).

The Diarrhea status effect comes from feeding Duplicants Mush Bars. Diarrhea cannot be treated [fact check please?], but it wears off within one cycle of a Duplicant contracting it. Too many duplicants contracting Diarrhea can lead to overuse of a colony's toilets, making Outhouses back up or causing strain on wastewater treatment systems. This diverts Duplicants' attention to servicing the latrines when their time could otherwise be used more productively. The absence of available toilets can lead to more problems, such as Duplicants Making a Mess which causes more strain on a colony's attention as well as Soggy Feet and the spread of Food Poisoning.

Avoiding Diarrhea Edit

Cooking 2,000 kcals worth of Mush Bars produces 1,000 kcals of Mush Fry, taking twice as much ingredient material to cook but removing the possibility of Duplicants contracting Diarrhea.