A few examples of duplicant traits.

Duplicants are non-player characters that look human, perform tasks the player defines and have pretty much the same needs and inner workings as a human.

Qualities of Duplicants Edit

Each Duplicant comes with different

which make each of them unique.

Source of Duplicants Edit

The Printing Pod enables the player after a certain number of cycles to choose one of three possible new Duplicants and bring him to life. It is no problem to delay printing a new Duplicant. If none of the options is desired, the player can choose to reject them and wait for the next batch after the necessary time has passed.

There is no maximum amount (must be confirmed) of duplicants allowed.

Capabilties & Needs Edit

A Duplicant is 2 tiles high and one wide.

They cannot reach more than 3 blocks above them. One can see if they can reach a field with an assigned job by the color of the digging tool (if the task is grey they can't reach it, if it is white it is ok) or by hovering over the job symbol at the field and waiting for the pop-up.

They need to sleep and eat and maintain a healthy stress level.

Duplicants can walk over solid surfaces, climb single tiles quickly and 2 tiles slowly, climb ladders and jump 1-2 tile wide gaps - but they can't swim. They can hold their breath though and walk on the solid surface even if it is deeply submerged by liquid.

They inhale breathable gases and exhale carbon dioxide. The inhaled oxygen can be pure or mixed with other gases. They will suffocate/drown if they don't reach with the head into a space of breathable gas soon enough. Suffocation can happen in the void, vacuum, unbreathable gas, in liquid or by being entombed. This makes good ventilation essential.

They can further die from too high or too low temperatures, fall damage, starve, die from disease, toxic gases or liquids or germs.