A few examples of duplicant traits.

Duplicants are human clones which perform tasks determined by the player and have needs similar to a regular human. A Duplicant is two tiles high and one tile wide. Losing all duplicants (including new duplicants) leads to the Colony Lost.

Selection and printing Edit

See Printing Pod for more information.

The player starts a new game with three randomly shuffled duplicants. The Printing Pod enables the player, after a certain number of days, to choose one new Duplicant and bring them to life.

Database Edit


Name Description Condition Effect Time
Duplicant (hidden) is still alive

Bladder: +100%/cycle
Body Temperature: +83.68 DTU/s

  • -1000 kcal/cycle
  • -1000 kcal/cycle (Ravaging Hunger)
  • +Infinity kcal/cycle (Oxyenarian)

Germ Resistance:

  • -1 (Miserable Germ Resistance)
  • -0.5 (Weak Germ Resistance)
  • 1 (Strong Germ Resistance)
  • +100 (Perfect Germ Resistance)

Morale: +1
Stamina: -70%/cycle

  • +20%/cycle (Fatalistic)
  • +10%/cycle (Pessimistic)
  • -10%/cycle (Optimistic)
  • -Infinity%/cycle (Unflappable)
Bottomless Stomach (hidden) Trait: Bottomless Stomach Calories: -500kcal/cycle
High morale (hidden) Morale - Morale Need ≥ 1 (Default)


  • -10%/cycle (1 ≤ Morale - Morale Need ≤ 2)
  • -20%/cycle (Morale - Morale Need ≥ 3)
Sufficient Morale (hidden) Morale=Morale Need (Default) Stress: -5%/cycle
Attacking Chaaaarge! Errand: Attack

Attack's Type: Combat
Does not have status: Severe Wounds

Health: -2/pounce (Hatch)
Bed Rest This Duplicant will incrementally heal over while on Bed Rest Health<100, Sleeping on a Cot/ Comfy Bed Health: +25/cycle
Bright and Cheerful The strong natural light is making this Duplicant feel light on their feet Light

≥40000 Lux on its feet

Stress: -10%/cycle
Cannot reach food There is food in the colony that this Duplicant cannot reach ?
Chilly surroundings This Duplicant cannot retain enough heat to stay warm and may be under insulated for this area ? Stress: +10%/cycle (Cold Air)
Dead: Death This Duplicant definitely isn't sleeping Health=0

Previous status: Incapacitated: Slain - Time until death 0s

Creates status: Mourning (for others Duplicant)
Dead: Starvation This Duplicant definitely isn't sleeping Calories=0kcal Creates status: Mourning (for others Duplicant)
Dead: Suffocation This Duplicant definitely isn't sleeping Breath=0% Creates status: Mourning (for others Duplicant)
Dead Tired This Duplicant didn't get any shuteye last night because of the racket Immunity Regen: -20%/cycle

Learning: -2
Athletics: -2
Stress: +20%/cycle

0.7 cycles
Dying This Duplicant will die soon if they do not receive assistance Status: Incapacitated
Entombed Entombed Duplicants are at risk of suffocating and must be dug out by others in the colony

This Duplicant needs someone to help dig them out!

Has stuck in a tile by feet or head Status: Holding Breath

Errand: Entombed

Early Bird This Duplicant is jazzed to start the day Trait: Early Bird


+2 to all attributes in morning
Exhaling _kg/s CO2 Duplicants breathe out Carbon Dioxide Inhaled O2 Breath: +0.9%/s

Creates CO2

Exhausted Lack of rest depleted this Duplicant's stamina

They pass out from the fatigue

Stamina=0% Errand: Sleep

Sleeps on floor
Stamina: +400%/cycle
Stress: -20%/cycle

10/33 cycles ~ 0.3 cycles
Expressing themselves This Duplicant needs a moment to express their feelings, then they'll be on their way ? ?
Full Bladder This Duplicant's bladder is full Bladder=100% Stress: +30%/cycle
Grimy This Duplicant is dirty and needs a shower ?

Slept on floor and woke up

Holding breath This Duplicant cannot breathe in their current location Does not have its head contact with O2 Cannot breathe

Breath: -0.9%/s

Hungry This Duplicant would really like something to eat
Hypothermia This Duplicant was contracted from extreme internal temperatures ? Construction: -5

Cooking: -5
Learning: -5
Tinkering: -5
Sneeziness: +1

Idle This Duplicant cannot reach any pending errands Has no available errand Wanders around, try to go to a safe area.
In combat This Duplicant is attacking a critter! Status: Attacking
Incapacitated: Slain - Time until death: _s This Duplicant is near death!

Assign them to a Med-Bed or Pharma Chamber for rescue

Health=0 Errand: Incapacitated 120s/? cycles
Inhaling _kg/s O2 Duplicants require Oxygen to live Has its head contacts with O2 Breath: +0.9%/s

Reduces O2

Injuries: Minor Current physical status: This Duplicant has a few scrapes and bruises Status: Light Wounds/ Moderate Wounds/ Severe Wounds ?
Intensely Bright The bright light is significantly improving this Duplicant's mood, but prolonged exposure may result in burning Light

≥72000 Lux on its feet

Stress: -5%/cycle
Injuries: Severe Current physical status: This Duplicant is in serious need of medical attention ? ?
Light Wounds This Duplicant sustained injuries that are a bit uncomfortable Health<86 (?) Athletics: -3
Low Oxygen The air is thin in this area Oxygen in the air ≤ 0.5 kg/tile Stress: +10%/cycle
Moderate Wounds This Duplicant sustained injuries that are affecting their ability to work Health<66 (?) Athletics: -6
Mourning This Duplicant is grieving the loss of a friend Another Duplicant was dead (effects do not stack) Stress: +20%/cycle 3 cycles
Nature Reserve This Duplicant recently passed through a splendid Nature Reserve

Wow, nature sure is neat!

New Hope This Duplicant feels pretty optimistic about their new home Was one of the first three Duplicants (reloading a save file remove this) Morale: +1

Stress: -20%/cycle

3 cycles
Park This Duplicant recently passed through a Park
Wow, nature sure is neat!
Pleasant Chitchat This Duplicant recently had a chance to chat with a friend ? Stress: -5%/cycle 60s/?cycles
Popped Eardrums This Duplicant was exposed to an overpressurized area that popped their eardrums Gas in the air > 4 kg/tile Stress: +20%/cycle 0.5 cycles
Recovering breath Breath<=72%

Can freely move

Breath: +3%/s

Errand: Recover Breath

Until breath=100%
Red Alert! The Red Alert is stressing this Duplicant out Red Alert is on Stress: +50%/cycle Until Red Alert is off
Scalding Current external temperature is perilously high [_oC/_oC] ? Health: -?/cycle
Severe Wounds This Duplicant sustained serious injuries that are impacting their work and well-being Health<34 (?) Athletics: -9

Can not do errand: Attack

Sleeping This Duplicant is recovering stamina Schedule: Bedtime Errand: Sleep


  • +900%/cycle (Sleeping/Sleeping on floor)
  • +100%/cycle (Sleeping in a cot)
  • +200%/cycle (Sleeping in comfy bed)

Stress: -20%/cycle (Sleeping/Sleeping on floor)}}

Soggy Feet This Duplicant recently stepped in liquid Has its feet contact with liquid Stress: +10%/cycle 0.2 cycles
Sopping Wet This Duplicant was recently submerged in liquid Has its whole body contact with liquid Remove Soggy Feet

Stress: +20%/cycle

0.3 cycles
Sore Back This Duplicant feels achy from sleeping on the floor last night and would like a bed Has slept on floor and woke up Athletics: -1 0.5 cycles
Soul Food This Duplicant had a yummy home cooked meal and is totally stuffed Ate Barbeque


Athletics: -2

Stress: -15%/cycle
Morale: +16

Sunburn This disease was contracted Sun Exposure Had status Intensely Bright for 0.25 cycles Stress: +20%/cycle 1.7 cycles
Starving This Duplicant is about to die and needs Food! Calories<1000
Suffocating This Duplicant cannot breathe! Breath<=45%

Does not have its head contact with O2
Previous status: Holding Breath

Breath: -0.9%/s

Cannot breathe

Receiving treatment This Duplicant is receiving treatment for their physical injuries Resting after being received healing Ends Triage Cot Rest status

Breath: +1%/s
Health: +75%/cycle
Stress: -20%/cycle (Sleeping), -20%/cycle (Receiving treatment)

0.5 cycle
Triage Cot Rest Bedrest is improving this Duplicant's physical recovery time Resting on a Triage Cot, before and after Receiving treatment status Breath: 1%/s

Health: +50%/cycle
Stress: -20%/cycle (Sleeping), -10%/cycle (Triage Cot Rest)

Well fed This Duplicant feels satisfied after having a big meal ? Stress: -10%/cycle 1 cycle

Errand and "To Do" List Edit

"Compulsory" Priority table:

Name Priority
Relieve self 0.88
Recover Breath 0.87

"Personal Needs" Priority table:

Name Priority
Rescue 0.72
Use Toilet 0.71
Sleep 0.66
Heal 0.59

Regular chores' Priority table:

Errand Type Priority
Combat 0.49 (Attack)
Life support 0.43 (Life Support Supply)
Toggle 0.47 (Change Setting)
Care 0.48 (Treat Patient)
Tidy 0.41 (Empty Storage), 0.40 (Mop, Disinfect, Repair), 0.39 (Repair Supply), 0.27 (Clean Outhouse), 0.1 (Sweep)
Cook 0.23 (Cook), 0.22 (Cook Supply)
Art 0.42 (Decorate)
Research 0.37 (Research), 0.36 (Research Supply)
Operate ? (Space Mission), 0.35 (Generate Power), ? (Tinker), ? (Operational Supply), ? (Use Fan), ? (Train), ? (Power Supply), ? (Depressurize Well), ? (Fabricate), ? (Fabrication Supply)
Farm ? (Tend), ? (Harvest), ? (Farming Supply), ? (Uproot), ? (Flip), ? (Fabricate)
Ranch ? (Wrangle), ? (Relocate Critter), ? (Sing To Egg), ? (Ranch)
Build 0.38 (Deconstruct), 0.12 (Build, Construction Dig), 0.12 (Construction Supply)
Dig 0.12 (Construction Dig, Dig)
Supply 0.43 (Life Support Supply), 0.41 (Empty Storage), 0.39 (Repair Supply), 0.36 (Research Supply), ? (Operational Supply), ? (Farming Supply), 0.22 (Cook Supply), ? (Power Supply), ? (Fabrication Supply), 0.13 (Store Food), 0.1 (Sweep), 0.12 (Construction Supply)
Storage ? (Deliver), 0.1 (Store Materials)

Total "Relax" Priority: 135.54 (?, Relax Priority: 35, All Relax Errands: 0.54)

Total "Find Safe Area" Priority: -99.9 (Idle: -100, All Find Safe Area Errands: 0.1)

Total "Idle" Priority: -99.92 (Idle: -100, All Idle Errands: 0.08)

Personal Interests Edit

Traits Edit

Skills and total skill points Edit

Attributes Edit

Surface germs Edit

Accessibility Edit

Reach Edit

A dupe&#039;s grasp

A Duplicant's grasp

A dupe can interact (digging, toggling, picking up debris,...) with tiles in its guns' reaching limit that not be blocked by any tiles. It's two tiles above, two tiles to both sides, and three tiles below. Using a building, mopping, and securing don't use gun so one has to stand beside in order to work. Only digging, construction supplying, building and deconstructing can be done diagonally.

Movement on tiles Edit

Movement on ladders and fire poles Edit

Idle dups on ladders

Idle Duplicants on Ladders

Duplicants can stand on Ladders and move as if they were Tiles. Duplicants can hold onto a Ladder but will try to move to a safer area while idle. A Duplicant sticking on a Ladder can climb vertically up to one tile away and jump to another Ladder horizontally up to one tile away.

It is advised that Duplicants have at least two vacant tiles above the top ladder in order to stand on it and be able to move.

Fire Poles' moving mechanic is the same as Ladders.

Movement on doors Edit

Like Ladders, Duplicants can stand on Doors and move as if they were Tiles. A rotated door works identically to a normal door but in a size of two tiles wide and one high. An idle Duplicant standing inside a Manual Airlock or a Mechanized Airlock will attempt to go to a safer area.

Movement in liquid Edit

Duplicants cannot swim. They can however hold their breath, and walk on tiles underwater, even if they are deeply submerged by liquid.

"Move to" command Edit

A duplicant can be ordered to move to a specified tile within its reach. The duplicant will interrupt its current errand, and receive a new errand upon reaching its destination. A sleeping duplicant will always return to the same spot in order to sleep.

Duplicant's Death and Mourning statusEdit

Duplicants' dead bodies remain after death. Burying all dead duplicants within 3 days in Tasteful Memorials prevents other Duplicants from mourning. Destroying a Duplicant in Sandbox Mode does not trigger mourning.

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