This page serves as a guide to help editors get started on this wiki. This guide is currently under construction.

General rulesEdit

  • DO use the Source Editor for an accuracy layout.
  • DO ask the admins and moderators when you need help.

Formatting and designEdit

Source EditorEdit

When using Source Editor one line break will be omitted, if you type

not included
you'll get "Oxygen not included". If you put two line breaks, the editor will make a new paragraph for the after.

The following text


not included

Will result:


not included

To show raw codes use <nowiki> tag.


Some certain contents should me put on templates:

  • For quote and description display use {{Quote}}.
  • For temperature display use {{Temperature}}. (CAUTION: don't leave any space behind this temperature and the temperature would put one after it)
  • For Red Signal and Green Signal use {{rs}} and {{gs}}

The Source Editor supports "Preload template" feature to print many outlines of templates (currently only "Infobox building"). For a template's full usage guide go to Template:<Template Name>, e.g. Template:Quote.

Template IEdit

Template I is created to display common or multi-usages articles as a reference in pages. Use "My Tools > What links here" to know where a template was used. Make child templates unique and add [[category:template:I]] to the end of each.


The following classes can be used:

  • article-table: all the tables should have this class.
  • mw-collapsible: makes a table collapse or expand if needed.
  • mw-collapsed: goes with mw-collapsible to make table collapse at loading.

CSS customizationEdit

In order to see result after editing a CSS file, it's fastest to log out and log in again.

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