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Fullerene is a Rare Resource.


In base game, Fullerene can only be acquired by sending Research Modules by Rockets on Space Missions to Carbon Asteroids, Oily Asteroids, or other destinations to discover it. A Cargo Bay must be installed to return the resource after it has been discovered.

Spaced Out Logo.png Production[]

  • It can be harvested on rocket missions from renewable Gilded Asteroid Field.
  • After the Temporal Tear Opener has been fired, Fullerene Meteors will periodically fall on that planetoid, containing 3-20 kg of Fullerene.


Molecular Forge produces Super Coolant from Fullerene, Gold, and Petroleum:

1 kg Fullerene + 49.5 kg Gold + 49.5 kg Petroleum = 100 kg Super Coolant


Because its formula is C60 (60 carbon atoms), it is a buckyball, broadly speaking a "type" of Fullerene.