Hatch resemble turtles with pink/purple spotted shells, with the head replaced by a toothy mouth. They are neutral creatures.

They spawn at the beginning of the game in the start biome and can be dug out of soft surfaces. Hatches are nocturnal.

During the day they bury themselves, and come out at night in an opposite schedule from Duplicants. If a Hatch is attacked or a Duplicant digs into the tiles where a Hatch is buried it will attack the offending Duplicant. At some point it will stop attacking and forgive the Duplicant. Hatches flee at 50% health.

Hatches live 100 cycles, as long the temperature is between -30 and +70 degree Celsius. They are comfortable between 10 and 21 degree Celsius.

Hatches drown in liquids. They can jump up or down two tiles.

Use Edit

Hatches drop two meat if killed. They can be attacked by selecting the Hatch and clicking attack on its info window.

Coal production:

If not burrowed in they feed and poop coal. If living in an area with soft surface they will dig in during the day and only feed & poop at night. They feed in "bites" of up to 50 kg (resources such as sandstone, dirt, copper ore, algae, fertilizer) or 0.5kg (food items such as meal lice). Each cycle they can feed up to twelve times (600 kg of raw material or up to 60 kg of food items or a mix of both). During a night they feed only up to three times - a maximum of 150 kg raw material or 1.5 kg food items or mix of both.

After one has eaten at least 100 kg (no matter if raw material or food items) it will attempt to poop coal and if successful will produce up to 125 kg of it. That means the coal production is highest if they are fed plenty of heavy items and are placed into an area/room where they can't burrow in during the day. Some people have coal farms with Hatches in Tile rooms fed by fertilizer.

If a Hatch can find no resource except coal it will not eat and die within 8 cycles, unless they find food other then coal poop.

They will starve if they don’t find edible resources. (Only onscreen)

Details Specific Statistics In-Game Description
Primary Element Genetic Ooze "This substance is primarily made of Genetic Ooze."
Mass 400.0 kg "This substance has a mass of 400.0 kg."
Temperature _____o C "This substance has a temperature of _____o C."
Specific Heat 3.47 (J/g)/K "Specific heat capacity is the amount of energy needed to raise the substance's temperature (by 1o C)."
Thermal Conductivity 0.6 (W/g)/K "Thermal conductivity indicates the maximum rate at which this substance can conduct Heat."
Melting Point 9726.9o C "Melting point describes the temperature at which this substance will melt into a liquid."