Hygiene is necessary to prevent Duplicants from becoming sick. There are two components to it: sanitization and personal hygiene.

Sanitization Edit

Sanitization removes germs from the environment, structures and items including food.

This can be achieved via different means:

  • A sterile gas is encapsulating the contaminated surface or item long enough. Any gas not carrying the qualifier "polluted" either is sterile or becomes sterile over time.
  • The item, structure or surface is heated above 100 degree or below 10 degree Celsius long enough
  • The item, structure or surface is exposed to a disinfectant like Chlorine long enough (unclear if that works faster than other sterile gases but Chlorine works in a storage locker too if a Bleach Stone is included - other gases don't).
  • Duplicants perform the chore Disinfection on the contaminated item/structure/surface

Personal Hygiene Edit

Personal hygiene removes germs from Duplicants. The options are: