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This article contains outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version. It was last updated for LU-356355. Unreflected changes in the discussed game mechanics are detailed here: EX1-469287 • FA-471618

Jet Suit can be produced in the Exosuit Forge, they are more advanced version of Atmo Suit fitted with jetpacks. When jetpack is active the suit burns 100 g/s of Petroleum, and exhausts 300 g/s of Carbon Dioxide. Duplicants are smart enough to pay attention to their fuel reserves and will retreat to the dock if Petroleum runs low.

Jet Suit have internal reserves of Oxygen and Petroleum, and can be refilled inside powered Jet Suit Dock. They are quite bulky and provide a significant Athletics penalty if the dupe lacks the Exosuit Training skill.

Jet suits still may overheat in high temperatures and bother the wearer with Toasty Surrounding, such as when submerged in Crude Oil above 105 °С for a while, but health-damaging scalding effects will only happen in extremely hot environments, such as when submerged in magma.

Like all clothing it can be manually assigned to Duplicants. However, once suit's Oxygen supply is depleted they will start suffocating and might die. The dupes can make a mess in their suit, causing significant Stress. The germy Polluted Water from inside the suit will be dropped on the floor when the dupe unequips the suit.


  • Jet Suit can have a heavy impact on FPS, because of extension of pathfinding trees. It's recommended to use them only in enclosed sections.
    • In Space Biome, when trying to enclose a region, dups could fly through non-building zone if there isn't any regolith blocking the path.
  • Their flying speed is extremely slow, comparable to an upwards climb on a Fire Pole. This severely limits their utility outside of highly specialised tasks like rocket servicing.

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