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Oxygen Not Included Wiki
Oxygen Not Included Wiki
This article has not been revised for the current version (EX1-469473). It was last updated for LU-356355. It may contain inaccuracies.
This article has not been revised for the current version (EX1-469473). It was last updated for LU-356355. It may contain inaccuracies.

Liquid Pump draws in Liquid and runs it through the connected Liquid Pipe. Must be submerged in Liquid to function. The pump will also stop functioning if its Output Pipe is full. It will not consume any Power when not pumping.


The liquid pump is needed to input liquids into your piping system. It can be used to supply liquid-consuming machines, send liquids found outside inside Liquid Reservoirs or make circling water circuits (like an Algae Terrarium watering system).

In order to empty a Liquid area, place a liquid pump on the absolute bottom. You can also place the pump higher if you wish to use the liquid only (e.g. if you already have a small reserve). It can be used at the top of a reservoir as a fail-safe in case the reservoir exceeds its maximum capacity; be aware the limited speed of the Pump does not make it 100% catastrophe-proof.

Liquid Pumps need a good amount of Power to function, so it is best to use the least possible amount of them. Try as much as possible to connect your plumbing directly to the consumers without the use of Pumps. If you need to transfer Liquids from a reservoir to another, doing it with the use of gravity will save a lot of power and time.

If the pump is deconstructed, all its content will drop on the ground in the form of bottled liquid.

Note: Always attach pipes going from green to white, For example: When you place the liquid pump. You will see a green arrow. This shows the starting point of the liquid. You should attach this to an endpoint like the Liquid Vent which is marked with a white arrow. This is an endpoint.


  • The Liquid Pump has a base overheat temperature of 75 °C and will overheat when pumping Crude Oil in Oil Biome. Use Gold Amalgam to increase the overheat temperature from 75 °C to 125 °C.
    • Use Steel to increase it to 275 °C.
  • Unlike many other buildings, Liquid Pumps do not require tiles underneath for support, and can be built in mid-air (or mid-liquid).
  • The pump range of Liquid Pump and Mini Liquid Pump does not match the building area. It means it is possible to  pump superhot liquids without causing overheating in a Vacuum environment.