Liquids exist naturally in the environment or they are produced by machines, structure or duplicants. If one assigns an area with liquid to the Mop tool Duplicants will try to head there and turn the liquid into bottled version they can carry until no more liquid is left. Another option of producing bottled liquid is by letting Duplicants pump it into bottles by using a Liquid Pitcher Pump. Bottle Emptier are used to release the content of bottled liquids back into the environment.

Liquids are moved automaticall via Plumbing systems and they are under pressure so a room or machine can not be filled indefinitely with liquid but only until the pressure is too high.

Warning Edit

Liquids puts pressure on tiles - it's natural for them to break either natural or artificial tiles below them. Liquids can also pass through natural tiles if the bottom of lake is too thin. For safety measures it's recommended to ensure at least 2 base tiles wide walls for every liquid container.

Liquid Types

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