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Spaced Out
This article is related to DLC content of Spaced Out.

The Manual Radbolt Generator is the most basic way of generating Radbolts needed for advanced research in Spaced Out. Like the Radbolt Reflector, bolts can be configured to emit in eight directions around its output port.

Unlike the Radbolt Generator, it does not require Power to operate, relying instead on a supply of fuel and Duplicant operation.

The generator fires a Radbolt projectile as soon as the progress bar is finished.

List of Recipes[ | ]

Recipe Ingredients Output Radbolts
Uranium Ore to Radbolts and Depleted Uranium 1kg Uranium Ore Uranium Ore 0.5kg Depleted Uranium Depleted Uranium 5
Enriched Uranium to Radbolts and Depleted Uranium 1kg Enriched Uranium Enriched Uranium 0.8kg Depleted Uranium Depleted Uranium 25

Notes[ | ]

  • Keep in mind that refining the Uranium Ore with Uranium Centrifuge does not increase the amount of Radbolts gained per 1kg of Uranium Ore. However, it does reduce the mass loss from 50% to 4% , at the additional Power cost and processing time.
    100kg Uranium Ore -> 500 Radbolts + 50kg Depleted Uranium
    Total: 500 Radbolts and 50kg of Depleted Uranium
    100kg Uranium Ore -> 20kg Enriched Uranium + 80kg Depleted Uranium
    20kg Enriched Uranium -> 500 Radbolts + 16kg Depleted Uranium
    Total: 500 Radbolts and 96kg of Depleted Uranium