"Food from a musher will keep Duplicants alive, but may cause stress and disease over time."


The Microbe Musher is a structure used to create food by combining ingredients as specified in recipes. If no recipes are queued, the device is ignored. It can also be used to boost the caloric intake of food by mixing it with water.

Food that has been created will fall to the floor and stay there until Duplicants come by to either eat it or put it into a storage container such as a Ration Box or a Fridge.

Recipes that this machine can make include:

Recipe Ingredients kcal Quality Notes
Oxygen Not Included - Mush Bar 75 Kg Dirt

75 Kg Water

+1,000 -3 An edible, putrefied mudslop.
Mush Bars are preferable to starvation, but only just barely.
May cause Diarrhea
Oxygen Not Included - Berry Sludge 5 Sleet Wheat Grain

1,600 kcal Bristle Berry

+1,600 -1 A mashed up Bristle Berry with an exceptionally long shelf life.
Oxygen Not Included - Liceloaf 500 kcal Meal Lice

50 Kg Water

+1,000 -2 Meal Lice compacted into a dense, immobile loaf.
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