A Morb is a passive creature that generates Polluted Oxygen (~15 g/s up to a pressure of 10 kg). It looks like an octopus with one eye and 4 legs and is turquoise with light spots.

Morbs can be killed by

  • Duplicants (they do not fight back) or
  • Temperature above 57 degree Celsius or below 10 degree Celsius

at which point they drop 3 kg Polluted Oxygen. Morbs can be caught with Animal Traps and be delivered to an Animal Relocator. They can jump over 2 tile high walls and over tile gaps. Morbs do not drown.

Source Edit

Morbs spawn naturally in the Caustic biome.


  • a Duplicant dies and
  • it is warm enough (between 20 degree Celsius and 37 degree Celsius)

up to 3 Morb spawn after a while on the corpse. If you build a gravestone the Duplicant corpse is removed and no Morb will spawn.

If an Outhouse is full and not emptied soon enough 3 Morb will spawn from it.

Uses Edit

Some people deliberately kill Duplicants in Morb-spawner friendly conditions and use the Morb as source for Polluted Oxygen in Puft/slime farms.

There are claims that Morbs consume polluted water to create larger amounts of polluted oxygen. Others claim that Morbs replace other gases in a space with polluted oxygen.