"The colony that eats together, excretes together."


The Outhouse is a Plumbing building in Oxygen Not Included. It is used by Duplicants to relieve themselves. It does not require Water but will cause Polluted Dirt which will have to be removed by Duplicants. It will also leave them covered in Germs that can then be transferred to other buildings and items including food, causing Food Poisoning. The Outhouse counts as a Toilet, as a room requirement..

Polluted Dirt will need to be removed from the Outhouse after 15 uses. During this time, the Outhouse will not be usable by other Duplicants which will increase Stress. Until a Lavatory can be built, it is best to have at least two Outhouses available, and place a Wash Basin or Sink next to it which will allow Duplicants to remove Germs from themselves. Having a Compost nearby is also ideal, preferably on the other side of the Outhouse, away from the cleaning utilities to prevent Duplicants from making avoidable contact with Polluted Dirt.

An Outhouse left unattended too long will spawn Morbs.

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