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| type = '''Oxygen Not Included Wiki 的[[:zh:|中文社区]]已经成立。所有英文社区中的中文翻译页面(<code>*/zh</code>子页面)已转移且中文社区正在此基础上创建和更新更多页面。英文页面上的中文子页面将不再维护并可能被逐步清除。'''<br/>请[[:zh:|点击链接前往中文站点]]进行浏览和编辑。如有任何问题,请联系中文社区的行政员[[User:DDElephant|DDElephant]] ([[User talk:DDElephant|talk]])。
| info = '''The zh translation subpages are not maintained and may be purged in the future. Instead, a standalone Chinese community is there with all translated pages imported and more other pages are created and updated there. Please go [[:zh:|there]] to view and contribute in Chinese.'''<br/>For any questions, please talk to the Bureaucrat on the zh community [[User:DDElephant|DDElephant]] ([[User talk:DDElephant|talk]]). <br/>
10:59, 5 July 2021 (UTC)
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