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Idle: Just enjoying life, y'know?

Wild: This critter is wild

Wildness Change: +5%/cycle

Metabolism: +25

Scale Growth: -75%


This critter's in high spirits because all of its needs are being met.

It will produce more materials as a result.

Hungry: This critter's tummy is rumbling.

Ate From Feeder:

This critter is getting tamer because it ate from a feeder.

Wildness Change: -20%/cycle

Happiness: +2

Time Remaining: 1 cycle

Aging (hidden):

Age: 1/cycle


This critter is trapped inside a door, tile, or confined space.

Sounds uncomfortable!

Happiness: -10


This critter's feeling down because its needs aren't being met.

It will produce less material as a result.


  • -15% (wild)
  • -80% (tame)


This critter is tame.

Happiness: -1

Metabolism: +100%

A Pacu burns 100 kcal * Metabolism amount of calories each cycle.

Ratio: 140 Kg Algae = 100 kcal

Pacu can eat a maximum of 10 Kg Algae from Fish Feeder.

Wild Pacus can't starve.


Pacus are aquatic creatures that cannot live outside of Water or Polluted Water.

Every organism in the known universe finds the Pacu extremely delicious.

Egg chances

Fry Egg: 96%

Tropical Fry Egg: 2%

Gulp Fry Egg: 2%

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