Polluted Water is water that contains organic waste. It can be infected with Germs which will (contrary to clean water) multiply in it. If a Duplicant come in contact with polluted water it will add to their stress levels. This can happen if they vomit, or are unable to reach a toilet on time. Other creators of polluted water include the Algae Distiller, Showers, and Lavatories (it is a by-product of the two latter).

Polluted water can be found in the Slime Biome and can be mopped up by Duplicants. Polluted water that has come in contact with Gas will eventually convert into Polluted Oxygen. Once the pressure of the gas is over 1.8kg, it will stop producing the polluted oxygen.

The polluted water can be reused by purifying it with a Water Sieve. There are also specific plants that prefer or require polluted water.

Sources Edit

  • Naturally occurring  
  • Duplicants produce Polluted Water if they Make a Mess (when left without access to a bathroom)  
  • Duplicants which have the Stress trait Vomit or the disease Food Poisoning  
  • by machines/structures:  
Building Amount Produced Intake Water Output Pipe
Algae Distiller 400 g/s - Yes
Carbon Skimmer 1000 g/s 1000 g/s Yes
Natural Gas Generator 67.5 g/s - No
Petroleum Generator 1250 g/s - No
Shower 1000 g/s 1000g/s Yes
Sinks ? ? Yes
Lavatory 11 700 g per use 5 000 g per use Yes
Wash Basin ? Supply of water


Slush Geyser

Effects Edit

  • Emits Polluted Oxygen if in contact with pure oxygen or other polluted oxygen  
  • Polluted Water can contaim germs in ADDITION to the pollutant, the germs can cause Disease in Duplicants.  

Removal & Uses Edit

It can be