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This article is considered accurate for the current version (U40-494396).
This article is considered accurate for the current version (U40-494396).

Printing Pod is a building that marks the initial location of the colony. Along with the Ration Box, it is one of two buildings generated at the start of every game.


Printing Pod light range.png

Once every 3 Cycles, it allows you to choose one of the four options to print: two or three options are randomly generated Duplicants, and the rest are items, food, or resources. These Duplicants have fixed interests, traits and looks. Nothing may be printed by selecting "Reject All."

It generates its own light, and is an ideal initial location for any building that requires prolonged usage (such as Research Station or Electric Grill) because of its relatively high decor value.

It can be disabled by duplicants to pause the time until the next activation. Disabling the Printing Pod turns off the light and also prevents duplicant interaction with the Printing Pod from skill gains as well as duplicants idling near the Printing Pod in their downtime.

The Pod is made of Iron Ore, and although it is resilient due to being massive, it still can be melted by something as extreme as magma.

The Printing Pod can be inspected once for a lore entry.

Printing Pod as a Lit Workspace[]

With most common room height and layout you'll be able to use the light on 2 tiles to the left and 3 tiles to the right. Like any light this provides +15% work speed bonus for the duplicants working on those tiles. Recommended layout is two 2-tile-wide Buildings to the right and one 3-tile-wide building to the left.

In the earliest cycles the following Buildings (that require continuous use) are available:

  • 2 tiles (2/3):
    • Manual Generator will be seeing a lot of use, but work speed buff from light will not result in any extra power being generated per second of running as its output is constant. Placing it within the pod's Decor radius is still worth considering (that is, if your difficulty is high enough to make stress and morale viable concerns in early game).
    • If you have to resort to using Microbe Musher early game consider placing it next to the Printing Pod.
    • Research Station is a highly recommended choice. In the earliest cycles this should be seeing non-stop use to gain all essential technologies as quickly as possible.
  • 3 tiles (1/2):
    • Electric Grill is an option but unless you need to keep your dupes alive by frying mush bars, it is not recommended.
    • Super Computer is a highly recommended choice.

Care Packages[]

List of Care Packages[]

Some items will not be offered as care packages until discovered.

All liquids arrive bottled. All critters and eggs spawn in a wild state at 20 °C and might die shortly if environment is inhospitable.

Lore Entries[]

Main article: Lore

Printing Pod Promo[]


Introducing the latest in 3D printing technology:

The Gravitas Home Printing Pod

We are proud to announce that printing advancements developed here in the Gravitas Facility will soon bring new, bio-organic home printers.

What does this mean for the average household?

Dinner Frustrations are a thing of the past. Simply select any of the pod's 5398 pre-programmed recipes, and voila! Delicious pot roast ready in only .87 seconds.

Prefer the patented family recipe? Program your own custom meal template for an instant taste of home, or go old school and create fresh, delicious ingredients and prepare your own homecooked meal.

Dinnertime has never been easier!

Projected for commercial availability early next year.

Brought to you by the Gravitas Facility.

Printing Pod[]

Printing Pod message icon.png

An advanced 3D printer developed by the Gravitas Facility.

The Printing Pod is notable for its ability to print living organic material from biological blueprints.

It is capable of synthesizing its own organic material for printing, and contains an almost unfathomable amount of stored energy, allowing it to autonomously print every 3 cycles.


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  • Saving and reloading with the printing pod ready will generate a new selection of blueprints or care packages. This can be exploited to shuffle the duplicants and care packages until the desired duplicant or care package is available.
  • Care packages can be duplicated when saving and reloading when both the item being delivered and the care package are spawned.


The Printing Pod makes an appearance in Don't Starve Together as a reskin for the Alchemy Engine, renamed as "Alchemy Pod".