Resources represent a substance in a Solid, Liquid, or Gaseous state. All of them can be classified and categorized.

Solids Edit

Solids are substances in the solid state of aggregation. They make up almost 80% of the game world. Unlike liquids and gases, most of them stay in a fixed position and act as a solid ground. They can be removed by Duplicants using the Dig Tool.

Category Resources
Raw metals Copper Ore, Iron Ore, Gold Amalgam, Wolframite
Raw minerals Abyssalite, Granite, Igneous Rock, Obsidian, Sandstone, Sedimentary Rock
Filtration Medium Sand
Consumable Soil Dirt, Clay
Consumable Ores Bleach Stone, Coal, Oxylite
Organic Algae, Polluted Dirt, Rot Pile, Slime
Cultivable Soil Clay, Dirt
Agriculture Fertilizer, Phosphorite

Liquids Edit

Liquid is a substance which is in a liquid state at ordinary temperatures. Large bodies of liquids are mostly found in Caves and pockets entirely full of liquids. Liquids are able to change their shape and flow, if their solid surroundings have been altered, at a slow or quick rate depending on the liquid. Duplicants are able to move through liquids but cannot breathe while submerged. Duplicants are put in danger while under water as they cannot swim, although fortunately being careful and always check to see if they always have a route climb out is something to keep an eye on. Liquids can be harvested using buildings in the Plumbing category or collected by using the Mop Tool.

Image Name Uses
  • Food Production
  • Oxygen Production
  • Showers
  • Lavatories
  • Research by computer
Polluted Water
  • Purification
  • Fertilizer Production

Gases Edit

Gases are vaporous substances which fill spaces devoid of solid and liquid matter. Any empty space that lacks a gas is a Vacuum. Duplicants breathe Oxygen and exhale Carbon Dioxide. Maintaining the right atmosphere in your Base is one of the most important goals in Oxygen Not Included.

Different gases do not mix within a tile, so each gas tile will have only a single type.

Gases have different specific densities. Carbon Dioxide, for example, has a higher density than Oxygen. That means that Oxygen will rise above Carbon Dioxide, which is heavier than most other gases. As a result, the lower levels of a base and sealed rooms will often have large amounts of unbreathable Carbon Dioxide.

Only Oxygen and Polluted Oxygen are breathable gases for your Duplicants. They will hold their breaths if they are in areas that are filled with unbreathable gases. If they can't reach an area with breathable gases they will eventually die of suffocation.

Image Name Type Uses
Oxygen Breathable Essential for life support.
Polluted Oxygen Toxic (Breathable) Same as above – carries the risk of Disease.
Carbon Dioxide Unbreathable Exhaled by duplicants.

Algae Terrariums and Carbon Skimmer can consume Carbon Dioxide.

Hydrogen Unbreathable Fuel for power generators.
Chlorine Unbreathable Kills Germs.
Natural Gas Unbreathable Fuel for power generators.
Vacuum Unbreathable No current use.

Found in areas that lack any gas.