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This article has not been revised for the current version (U40-494396). It was last updated for RP-381414. It may contain inaccuracies.
This article has not been revised for the current version (U40-494396). It was last updated for RP-381414. It may contain inaccuracies.

The Room Overlay is one of the Overlays in Oxygen Not Included. Rooms confer a variety of bonuses, but most rooms will provide a buff to Duplicant morale.

A room can only be one type, if a room meets the requirements of multiple types of room simultaneously then it will be treated as a "miscellaneous room" with no bonus until it is specialized as a single type.

The room size requirements are measured in two-dimensional area, so a rectangular room 10 tiles wide and 4 tiles high has a room size of 40 tiles.


Miscellaneous Room[]

This area qualifies as a room but has no dedicated use.

  • Enclosed by wall tiles (and doors)

The game has detected that this area is small enough to count as an enclosed room but it has not recognized the contents as one of the other room types below.


Using a fully plumbed Washroom will improve Duplicants' Morale

Morale Bonus: +2

The improved version of the Latrine using plumbed toilets and sinks. Washrooms can contain Wash Basins but must have at least one Sink, Shower or Hand Sanitizer.


Using a toilet in an enclosed room will improve Duplicants' Morale

Morale Bonus: +1

The Latrine is the basic version of the Washroom. Note that Composts do not count as "Industrial machinery" so you can include them in your Latrine to prevent duplicants carrying Polluted Dirt outside of the bathroom (and getting covered in Food Poisoning again from handling it).


Sleeping in a comfortable bedroom will improve Morale for Duplicants

  • At least one Luxury Bed (Comfy Bed)
  • No basic Cots
  • No Industrial machinery
  • Size range: 12-64 tiles
  • Decoration Item
  • Minimum ceiling height: 4 tiles
  • +200% (per cycle, +0.33% per second) stamina recovery from the Private Bedroom bonus (bedroom bonus + comfy bed bonus combines to 1230% per cycle)

Morale Bonus: +2

The upgraded version of the Barracks.


Sleeping in a bed will improve Morale for Duplicants if it is located in a Barracks

Morale Bonus: +1
Accelerated Stamina Recovery: +100% (per cycle, +0.167% per second)

A common tactic is to build Barracks 4 tiles high and fill them with Paintings to buff Duplicant's "Average Decor this cycle" while they sleep. This design makes it easy to upgrade to a Bedroom as soon as enough Plastic is available for Comfy Beds.

Great Hall[]

Eating and relaxing in a Great Hall will significantly improve Duplicants' Morale

Morale Bonus: +6

The upgraded version of the Mess Hall. A Bluff Briar will meet the decor requirement even if you don't have Art Student duplicants. A Water Cooler will meet the recreation item requirement. These requirements are actually quite easy to meet in the early game. Alternatively, the Party Line Phone takes up half the space of a Water Cooler & isn't much futher along in the tech tree.

Mess Hall[]

Eating at a Mess Table will improve Morale for Duplicants if it is located within a Mess Hall

Morale Bonus: +3

The low requirements for a Mess Hall room make it an excellent source of Morale in the early game.


Sick Duplicants assigned to medical buildings located within a Hospital are less likely to spread disease

While the room itself does not have any bonuses, and isn't required for the medical buildings to function, Duplicants assigned to the medical equipment in the room will also use the toilet and mess table in it, potentially reducing travel time (but also skipping morale buffs of eating and washing rooms).

Massage Clinic[]

Massage Tables reduce more stress when in a proper room

Massage Tables +100% efficiency

The Clinic doubles the stress reduction effect of massage tables from -3% per minute to -6% per minute.

Power Plant[]

Electrical engineers can tune-up generators built within a Power Plant, improving their power production

The room itself has no effect. Only a Duplicant with the Electrical Engineering skill can use the Power Control Station to upgrade any power generators in the room (+50% power for no extra fuel cost). However, the buff is temporary (3 cycles) and it consumes 5 kg of Refined Metal each time.


Crops grown within a greenhouse can be tended by farmers to increase their growth speed.

The room itself has no effect. Duplicants who have mastered the Crop Tending skill can make Micronutrient Fertilizer at the Farm Station to apply a double growth speed buff for 1 cycle at the cost of 5 kg of Fertilizer per plant.


Main article: Stable

Stabled critters will be more productive and less hostile.

The room itself has no effect (Expressive Update). The Grooming Station will display an error icon if built outside a Stable, but it will continue to function regardless.

Recreation Room[]

Leisure time will further improve Morale for Duplicants visiting a Recreation Room

Despite the description, the room does not have any direct effects. Duplicants will "mingle" during downtime in a Recreation Room if they have nothing else to do. "Mingling" basically just means that they will engage in conversation activities (the same ones that can randomly occur when near each other during work time). These activities generate a variety of small stress reduction buffs that last around 45–60 seconds each but do not affect morale.


Passing through natural spaces throughout the day will raise the Morale of Duplicants.

Morale Bonus: +3

It isn't necessary for duplicants to spend any noticeable time in the park to obtain the buff, simply entering the room is sufficient, or even passing through the room in a transit tube. Clever room design can minimise any time delay to duplicant work schedules.

Nature Reserve[]

A Nature Reserve will grant higher Morale bonuses to Duplicants than a Park

Morale Bonus: +6

Upgraded version of the Park, requiring more space and wild plants but also giving double the morale bonus.


  • RP-379868: Maximum size for recreational room increased to 96 tiles.
  • OC-254439: Introduced recreational, greenhouse, and powerplant room.

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