A brownish slug-like creature.

They absorb carbon dioxide and excrete crude oil. Slickster are found in the oil biome.

They slide over solid surfaces and liquid.

Slickster do not drown or suffocate. They need relatively warm environments but can keep their body heat high relatively long due to their weight (400 kg). They survive BODY temperatures between 35 degree Celsius and 160 degree Celsius.

Use Edit

To make a crude oil farm a slickster has to be in ideal conditions:

  • consistent 40 - 150 degree Celsius
  • carbon dioxide next to and above them at consistent pressure of 100 g or higher (they consume 100 g/s in portions of 800 g and poop the same weight in crude oil)
  • not boxed in by the oil they produce (or they will then stop producing but not consuming the carbon dioxide) by placing doors or mesh tiles below them
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