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Oxygen Not Included Wiki
Oxygen Not Included Wiki
This article has not been revised for the current version (U34-476542). It was last updated for LU-356355. It may contain inaccuracies.
This article has not been revised for the current version (U34-476542). It was last updated for LU-356355. It may contain inaccuracies.

Slimelung is a type of Germ that is contracted through the inhaled air, while it impedes duplicant productivity, it is not lethal. Generally, it is abundant in the Swamp Biome. Slimelung infestation serves as incentive to purify Polluted Oxygen, which is otherwise almost as harmless as clear Oxygen.


Slimelung germs can be found in the Slime and Polluted Oxygen of the Swamp Biome.

Slimelung multiplies quickly in Slime and Polluted Oxygen, but dies in/on most other substances. Large clouds of Polluted Oxygen may quickly become infected with dangerous amounts of this germ. Slime tiles are generally generated infected and quickly infect surrounding solid tiles, then infect the nearby gases with puffs of infected Polluted Oxygen once dug out.


When Duplicants breathe the Polluted Oxygen infected with Slimelung germs, they have a chance to be infected at the start of next cycle.

While inhalation and surface contact with heavily contaminated materials can quickly infect a duplicant, consuming items with Slimelung has no effect (beyond the exposure from handling it).


While ill, the duplicant will lose air at faster rate than they passively regain it, forcing them to forcefully cough once in a while. This stacks with inability to breathe due to lack of Oxygen in air, causing affected duplicants to be particularly badly suited to operating in low-oxygen environments. Additionally, ill duplicants will cough occasionally, producing a cloud of polluted oxygen at their feet containing 1000 germs each time. This is rather inconsequential due to low number of germs, but the coughing may interrupt jobs or sleep and can infect other duplicants who breathe in the polluted oxygen.


Deodorizer can purify the Polluted Oxygen into Oxygen, and reduce the germ number. The output Oxygen still contains some Slimelung germs which will die out after a period of time.

Duplicants wearing Atmo Suit do not breathe the environment gas and are immune to germs.


Slimelung can be treated with a Medical Pack crafted at an Apothecary, which must be administered by a duplicant with the Bedside Manner skill in a Sick Bay. A duplicant infected by Slimelung will go to the Sick Bay when both Medical Pack and a qualified doctor is available. The MedPack, once administered, will completely cure the dupe, who'll then have antibodies against the disease in their system for a while.

If left untreated, a duplicant will fight off the disease themselves within 4 cycles.


Temperature Range: 10 °C to 100 °C

Pressure Range: 0 kg to 1000 kg

Multiplies in:

  • Slime
  • Polluted Oxygen: +300% / cycle

Inhibited in:

  • Other gases

Killed by:

  • Oxygen
  • Solid
  • Liquid

Disinfected by:

  • Chlorine
  • Bleach Stone

Growth Factors[]

  • Surrounded by Polluted Water: +4% / cycle
  • Surrounded by Polluted Oxygen: +4% / cycle
  • Growing on Slime: +15% / cycle

Decline Factors[]

  • Dying on Solid (other than Slime or Algae): -13% / cycle
  • Dying on Liquid: -29% / cycle
  • Dying on Gas (other than Oxygen and Chlorine): -3% / cycle
  • Dying on Oxygen: -29% / cycle
  • Dying on Chlorine: -100% / cycle
  • Surrounded by Oxygen: -13% / cycle
  • Surrounded by Chlorine: -100% / cycle
  • Overpopulation : -13% / cycle (Inside Algae Distiller up to 29%)
    • >4500 germs/kg Slime
    • >500 germs/kg solid other than Slime
  • Temperature ≤10 °C / ≥100 °C: -29% / cycle. NOTE: The game says Slimelung starts dying at ≤10°C and ≥100°C, but it actually starts declining at ≤20°C and ≥90°C.