Natural tile got dug out
Natural tiles is natural occurring two-dimensional single-element solid blocks in the world of ONI. They make up the major of an asteroids, and form chambers of liquid, gas, or vacuum. Wild plants live eternally in natural tiles as long as their stands don't break and temperature don't get too cold or too hot. Natural tiles can get over pressure damage like Tiles. Digging a natural tile delete its half of mass, the rest become an item-like resource and the space can be filled with liquid or gas, or vacuum if neither can't.



When change temperature of a mass of element under any form to a point where it changes to a new state that is solid, the mass will turn into a natural tile. If the process happens in a pipe the pipe will broke and leak out debris instead.

Changing to another solid stateEdit

A solid tile requires a bit higher temperature to change state compared to debris of its element, and deletes a small amount of heat on changing. In sandbox mode, if you create a 130 °C/ 403.15 K/ 266 °F algae tile inside a vacuum chamber, the tile won't turn to dirt because state changing require the mass to change temperature.

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