In Oxygen not Included, there are several status effects for Buildings, Duplicants, Creatures, and Cells.

Duplicants Edit

Incapacitated Edit

Incapacitated or broken

Incapacitated indication.

When a Duplicant is Incapacitated, they cannot move, interact, or do anything but remain idle. To rescue an incapacitated Duplicant, a Rejuvenator or Medical Cot must be assigned to them, and an available Duplicant will deliver the patient there. The duplicant has 120 (awaiting confirmation) seconds to live before they turn into a useless, depressing corpse.

Entombed Edit


Entombed indication.

When a duplicant (or building) is Entombed, they start to suffocate and cannot move, giving a warning that someone is entombed and needs help being dug out. This can happen with buildings too, making them unusable and sometimes even unreachable.

Buildings Edit

Broken Edit

Incapacitated or broken

Broken indication.

After exceeding maximum damage, the building becomes unusable and must be repaired for further usage. A warning is given to the player telling them that the building is broken.


No Power Edit

No Power

No Power indication.

When a building doesn't have enough power to run it's task, or there is basically 'no power' at all, this warning will pop-up.


Insufficient Resource Edit

Insufficient Resource

Insufficient Resource indication.

This comes up when you don't have the required resource(s), or you don't have the right amount of that(those) resource(s). This happens a lot when you run low on algae and that's a major issue if you have no alternative way of oxygen.

Flooded Edit


Flooded indication.

A building is flooded when liquid is about 1/3 of the height of the building, making it non-functional and once again, unusable. It's a pain dealing with flooded buildings.

Other Statuses Edit

Stifled Edit


Stifled indication.

This happens when one or more of a plant's conditions is not met. This could be temperature, location, or even something else. When a plant is stifled, it refuses to grow and starts to rot.