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Sulfur is a byproduct when cooling down Sour Gas into Methane.


Its softness and low melting point makes it an interesting material to generate "natural" tiles for Pip farms.

Spaced Out Banner Grubfruit Plants requires 10 kg per cycle of Sulfur as fertilizer.

Spaced Out Banner Sweetles eat 20 kg per cycle of Sulfur.

Spaced Out Banner Molecular Forge produces Fullerene from Sulfur, Aluminum, and Graphite:

5 kg Sulfur + 5 kg Aluminum + 90 kg Graphite = 100 kg Fullerene


When cooling down Sour Gas to -163.5 °C (condensation point -2 °C), it will turn into Methane (67% mass) and Sulfur (33% mass).

The resource does not occur naturally, except in Spaced Out DLC, where it can be sourced and mined from Sulfur Geysers.

Spaced Out Banner It can be harvested on rocket missions from renewable Radioactive Asteroid Fields.