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This article is considered accurate for the current version (U39-490405).
This article is considered accurate for the current version (U39-490405).

Transit Tube is the primary components of a Tube System to rapidly transport Duplicants from place to place within your colony. Tubes can only be entered with a Transit Tube Access and completely shield a Duplicant from whatever hazards the tube is run through whilst the Duplicant is inside. Like Heavi-Watt Wires, Transit Tubes cannot cross tiles, but a Transit Tube Crossing may be used in place of a tile.

Transit tubes cannot make sharp turns (U or snake) and require additional tile of spacing to accommodate for Duplicant's height.


  • Transit tubes are faster than almost all other transportation methods in the game, including Fire Poles.
  • Duplicants can jump out from the tube opening, provided there is a ladder or pole to land on at the top of it or a stand-able tile right to the side of it.
  • While the tubes do protect Duplicants from harm, they are made of Plastic themselves, and are susceptible to its low melting point. Use caution with tubes around high heat.
  • Duplicant's breath counter is frozen while in the tube, however they still can starve inside.
  • Duplicants can get "stuck" in Transit Tubes if both ends are destroyed at the same time. ([1])
  • Duplicants need about 35 Athletics to move up or down a plastic ladder as quickly as a transit tube, and about 27 Athletics to run as quickly across metal tiles, if you don't factor in the time spent entering. This means that for almost all scenarios they are the best transportation option for longer distances.
  • Tubes do not act like floors and do not block items. Anything falling from above will pass through the tube unimpeded. Similarly, if a dupe in the tube drops a carried item, the item is not contained inside the tube and will fall down.


  • The tubes are likely a reference to the transit tubes seen in many media sources including Futurama's New New York, the "tube system" in the children's show Odd Squad, The Jetsons' pneumatic tubes. The idea behind this form of transportation has been around since the late 1700s: Atmospheric railway


  • AP-417040:
    • Transit Tube corner animations have been made all the same length.
    • Transit Tube corner animations play faster so that duplicants maintain consistent speed