Ventilation covers means of generating, transporting, separating, mixing and regulating gases in the game. Gases behave largely as in real world which means there are many options how to achieve something if one understands the necessary pieces. For artificial ventilation systems to work, one has to have the them set up correctly.

Gas properties Edit

The game has managed to introduce in a very fun way the impact of pressure and temperature to understand how much more gas the room can take before ventilation pumps etc will stop adding more and if the gas(es) will turn liquid or remain a gas etc.

Some gases have a high density at room temperature and collect on the bottom of the colony or floor, others have at room temperature low densities and collecting on the top of the colony or floor. The temperature of a gas affects its density.

Different gases have different properties, with some being

  • toxic
  • flammable
  • damaging to certain machinery or structures (depends on the machine/structure AND the gas usually)

All of this affects the ventilation of your colony and if Duplicants, critters, plants or machines do well or not.

Gases and Life Forms Edit

Plants and creatures need certain gases to survive or are damaged or killed by other gases - but plants currently do NOT produce or consume oxygen or carbon dioxide! Gases are either breathable or unbreathable.

Some Life Forms consume or produce gases:

Basic Mechanical Components Edit

The basic components to handle gases are

Basic components need to be placed and connected correctly - and if necessary supplied with electricity.

Other Components related to Gases Edit

Besides basic components there are items, structures and machines that allow to affect gases - pressure, distribution, temperature & state as well as purity - and produce or consume them:

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