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Oxygen Not Included Wiki

The alpha stage of Oxygen Not Included's development started on February 15th, 2017. On May 18th, 2017, the game transitioned into Early Access, and on July 30th, 2019, it was officially published. The developers also maintain their own update log on the forums.[1] On December 16th, 2021, the first expansion Spaced Out! was officially released after a period of early access.

Unified Codebase[]

During the development of the Spaced Out! DLC, the game was updated to support multiple versions in a release. Since then, the base game and expansions run the same binary, downloaded content is unlocked with a simple software switch in Oxygen Not Included (as opposed to Steam).


Version Type Release Date
U40-494396 Release January 27th, 2022
U40-493472 Release January 27th, 2022

Blast Off Update (U39)[]

Version Type Release Date
U39-490405 Hotfix December 16th, 2021
U39-490154 Hotfix December 14th, 2021
U39-489821 Release December 9th, 2021
U39-489642 Test December 7th, 2021
U39-489490 Test December 7th, 2021
U39-489083 Test December 2nd, 2021
U39-488887 Test December 2nd, 2021
U39-488341 Test November 30th, 2021
U39-487891 Test November 25th, 2021

Buff and Shine Update (U38)[]

Version Type Release Date
U38-487396 Hotfix November 18th, 2021
U38-486708 Release November 18th, 2021
U38-486258 Test November 16th, 2021
U38-485768 Test November 10th, 2021
U38-485090 Test November 5th, 2021

Rad New Worlds Update (U37)[]

Version Type Release Date
U37-484114 Hotfix October 29th, 2021
U37-483944 Release October 28th, 2021
U37-483657 Test October 26th, 2021
U37-483211 Test October 22nd, 2021
U37-482865 Test October 20th, 2021
U37-482255 Test October 15th, 2021

Unexplained Traits Update (U36)[]

Version Type Release Date
U36-481873 Hotfix October 13th, 2021
U36-481350 Release October 7th, 2021
U36-481116 Test October 5th, 2021
U36-480747 Test October 1st, 2021
U36-480242 Test September 27th, 2021
U36-479858 Test September 23rd, 2021

Cosmic Calling Update (U35)[]

Version Type Release Date
U35-479045 Hotfix September 17th, 2021
U35-478755 Release September 16th, 2021
U35-478621 Test September 15th, 2021
U35-478105 Test September 10th, 2021
U35-477822 Test September 8th, 2021
U35-477316 Test September 2nd, 2021

Rocketry Renovation Update (U34)[]

Version Type Release Date
U34-477203 Hotfix September 2nd, 2021
U34-476542 Hotfix August 27th, 2021
U34-476059 Release August 26th, 2021
U34-475803 Test August 24th, 2021
U34-475497 Test August 19th, 2021
U34-475472 Test August 19th, 2021
U34-475368 Test August 19th, 2021
U34-475139 Test August 18th, 2021
U34-474795 Test August 13th, 2021
U34-474624 Test August 12th, 2021

Solar Swamped Update (U33)[]

Version Type Release Date
U33-474141 Hotfix August 9th, 2021
U33-473720 Release August 5th, 2021
U33-473568 Test August 4th, 2021
U33-473327 Test July 30th, 2021
U33-472677 Test July 27th, 2021

Breath of Fresh Air Update (FA)[]

Version Type Release Date
FA-472345 Hotfix July 22nd, 2021
FA-471883 Hotfix July 16th, 2021
FA-471618 Release July 15th, 2021
MD-471338 Test July 13th, 2021
MD-470801 Test July 8th, 2021
MD-470651 Test July 8th, 2021
MD-469859 Test June 30th, 2021
MD-469668 Test June 29th, 2021

Spaced Out DLC[]

The DLC was released to Steam Early Access on Deceber 8th, 2020. Its open development stage is still ongoing.

Before merging the codebases, DLC updates were tracked separately. Changes to base game mechanics, such as UI and food-spoilage mechanichs did not make it into the games of players who did not purchase the DLC.

Version Type Release Date
EX1-469473 Hotfix June 28th, 2021
EX1-469369 Hotfix June 25th, 2021
EX1-469287 Release June 24th, 2021
EX1-468841 Test June 22nd, 2021
EX1-468782 Test June 22nd, 2021
EX1-468398 Test June 18th, 2021
EX1-468097 Test June 16th, 2021
EX1-467765 Test June 14th, 2021
EX1-467601 Test June 11th, 2021
EX1-467401 Test June 10th, 2021
EX1-466654 Hotfix June 7th, 2021
EX1-466411 Release June 3rd, 2021
EX1-466203 Test June 2nd, 2021
EX1-465726 Test May 28th, 2021
EX1-465635 Test May 28th, 2021
EX1-465243 Test May 26th, 2021
EX1-464793 Test May 20th, 2021
EX1-464434 Hotfix May 18th, 2021
EX1-464102 Hotfix May 14th, 2021
EX1-463874 Release May 13th, 2021
EX1-463787 Test May 12th, 2021
EX1-463486 Test May 10th, 2021
EX1-463187 Test May 6th, 2021
EX1-462698 Test May 5th, 2021
EX1-462129 Test April 29th, 2021
EX1-461546 Hotfix April 26th, 2021
EX1-461084 Release April 22nd, 2021
EX1-460813 Test April 20th, 2021
EX1-460438 Test April 16th, 2021
EX1-459902 Test April 13th, 2021
EX1-459378 Test April 9th, 2021
EX1-458490 Release April 1st, 2021
EX1-458389 Test March 31st, 2021
EX1-458060 Test March 29th, 2021
EX1-457903 Test March 26th, 2021
EX1-457338 Test March 23rd, 2021
EX1-456940 Test March 19th, 2021
EX1-456658 Test March 18th, 2021
EX1-456169 Hotfix March 16th, 2021
EX1-455425 Release March 11th, 2021
EX1-454967 Test March 9th, 2021
EX1-454298 Test March 4th, 2021
EX1-454107 Test March 3rd, 2021
EX1-453479 Test February 26th, 2021
EX1-453222 Test February 25th, 2021
EX1-452873 Hotfix February 23rd, 2021
EX1-452481 Hotfix February 19th, 2021
EX1-452242 Release February 18th, 2021
EX1-452034 Test February 16th, 2021
EX1-451737 Test February 12th, 2021
EX1-451611 Test February 11th, 2021
EX1-450996 Test February 9th, 2021
EX1-450552 Test February 4th, 2021
EX1-449549 Release January 28th, 2021
EX1-449389 Test January 26th, 2021
EX1-448916 Test January 21st, 2021
EX1-448420 Test January 19th, 2021
EX1-447892 Test January 14th, 2021
EX1-447728 Test January 14th, 2021
EX1-447598 Hotfix January 13th, 2020
EX1-447268 Hotfix January 12th, 2020
EX1-445987 Hotfix December 22nd, 2020
EX1-445739 Hotfix December 17th, 2020
EX1-445422 Hotfix December 15th, 2020
EX1-444834 Hotfix December 8th, 2020
EX1-444349 Release December 8th, 2020
EX1-443836 Test December 4th, 2020
EX1-443617 Test December 3rd, 2020
EX1-443461 Test December 2nd, 2020
EX1-443064 Test November 30th, 2020
EX1-442692 Test November 27th, 2020
EX1-442408 Test November 25th, 2020
EX1-441833 Test November 24th, 2020
EX1-441629 Test November 23rd, 2020
EX1-441360 Test November 20th, 2020
EX1-441136 Test November 19th, 2020
EX1-441002 Test November 19th, 2020
EX1-440845 Test November 18th, 2020

Formal Release[]

Cloud Saves (CS)[]

Version Type Release Date
CS-460672 Hotfix April 22nd, 2021
CS-455509 Hotfix March 11th, 2021
CS-455421 Hotfix March 11th, 2021
CS-449460 Hotfix January 28th, 2021
CS-447596 Hotfix January 13th, 2021
CS-447213 Hotfix January 12th, 2021
CS-442712 Hotfix November 27th, 2020
CS-442154 Release November 25th, 2020
CS-440073 Test November 13th, 2020
CS-440000 Test November 13th, 2020
CS-439714 Test November 12th, 2020
CS-438694 Test November 5th, 2020
CS-437751 Test October 30th, 2020
CS-437482 Test October 29th, 2020

Automation Innovation Pack (AP)[]

Version Type Release Date
AP-420700 Hotfix July 10th, 2020
AP-419840 Release July 7th, 2020
AP-419452 Test July 3rd, 2020
AP-418327 Test June 25th, 2020
AP-418018 Test June 24th, 2020
AP-417610 Test June 22nd, 2020
AP-417040 Test June 18th, 2020
AP-410209 Hotfix May 12th, 2020
AP-408920 Release May 5th, 2020
AP-408314 Test May 1st, 2020
AP-408218 Test May 1st, 2020
AP-407680 Test April 29th, 2020
AP-406451 Test April 23rd, 2020
AP-405850 Test April 21st, 2020
AP-404823 Test April 16th, 2020
AP-399948 Hotfix March 17th, 2020
AP-399090 Hotfix March 11th, 2020
AP-398437 Hotfix March 6th, 2020
AP-398142 Release March 5th, 2020
AP-397900 Test March 4th, 2020
AP-397624 Test March 3rd, 2020
AP-397375 Test March 2nd, 2020
AP-397241 Test February 28th, 2020
AP-397125 Test February 28th, 2020
AP-396726 Test February 26th, 2020
AP-396529 Test February 25th, 2020
AP-396243 Test February 24th, 2020
AP-395929 Test February 21st, 2020
AP-395444 Test February 19th, 2020
AP-395113 Test February 18th, 2020

Recreation Pack Update (RP)[]

Version Type Release Date
RP-394616 Hotfix February 13th, 2020
RP-394232 Hotfix February 11th, 2020
RP-393722 Hotfix February 7th, 2020
RP-393356 Release February 5th, 2020
RP-392118 Test January 29th, 2020
RP-391330 Test January 23rd, 2020
RP-390131 Test January 17th, 2020
RP-389761 Test January 15th, 2020
RP-383949 Hotfix December 5th, 2019
RP-381897 Hotfix November 22nd, 2019
RP-381818 Hotfix November 22nd, 2019
RP-381414 Release November 21st, 2019
RP-380770 Test November 19th, 2019
RP-379868 Test November 14th, 2019
RP-379337 Test November 12th, 2019

Launch Update (LU)[]

Version Type Release Date
LU-372041 Hotfix October 4th, 2019
LU-371951 Hotfix October 4th, 2019
LU-371502 Hotfix October 2nd, 2019
LU-371077 Test October 1st, 2019
LU-370532 Test September 27th, 2019
LU-369994 Test September 25th, 2019
LU-366134 Hotfix September 6th, 2019
LU-365655 Hotfix September 5th, 2019
LU-364722 Hotfix September 4th, 2019
LU-361684 Hotfix August 22nd, 2019
LU-359645 Hotfix August 14th, 2019
LU-358820 Hotfix August 9th, 2019
LU-358267 Hotfix August 7th, 2019
LU-357226 Hotfix August 1st, 2019
LU-356355 Release July 30th, 2019
LU-355817 Test July 26th, 2019
LU-355385 Test July 25th, 2019
LU-355043 Test July 24th, 2019
LU-354426 Test July 23rd, 2019
LU-353781 Test July 19th, 2019
LU-353289 Test July 18th, 2019
LU-352881 Test July 17th, 2019
LU-352488 Test July 16th, 2019
LU-351503 Test July 11th, 2019
LU-351082 Test July 10th, 2019
LU-350563 Test July 9th, 2019
LU-349444 Test July 5th, 2019
LU-348980 Test July 4th, 2019
LU-348892 Test July 4th, 2019
LU-348553 Test July 4th, 2019
LU-347957 Test July 3rd, 2019
LU-347269 Test June 28th, 2019
LU-347059 Test June 27th, 2019
LU-346893 Test June 27th, 2019

Early Access[]

Quality of Life Upgrade MK 3 (QLM3)[]

Version Type Release Date
QLM3-327401 Hotfix April 18th, 2019
QLM3-326830 Hotfix April 17th, 2019
QLM3-326399 Hotfix April 16th, 2019
QLM3-326232 Release April 16th, 2019
QLM3-325699 Hotfix April 12th, 2019
QLM3-325565 Test April 12th, 2019
QLM3-324933 Test April 11th, 2019
QLM3-324351 Test April 10th, 2019
QLM3-323841 Test April 9th, 2019
QLM3-322934 Test April 5th, 2019
QLM3-322848 Hotfix April 5th, 2019
QLM3-322394 Hotfix April 5th, 2019
QLM3-322093 Test April 3rd, 2019
QLM3-321393 Test April 1st, 2019
QLM3-320841 Test March 29th, 2019
QLM3-320240 Test March 28th, 2019
QLM3-320058 Test March 28th, 2019

Quality of Life Upgrade MK 2 (QLM2)[]

Version Type Release Date
QLM2-312713 Hotfix March 1st, 2019
QLM2-312373 Hotfix February 28th, 2019
QLM2-311694 Hotfix February 26th, 2019
QLM2-311032 Hotfix February 22nd, 2019
QLM2-310952 Hotfix February 22nd, 2019
QLM2-309851 Release February 19th, 2019
QLM2-309354 Test February 14th, 2019
QLM2-308684 Test February 12th, 2019
QLM2-307409 Test February 6th, 2019
QLM2-306910 Test February 4th, 2019
QLM2-306670 Test February 1st, 2019
QLM2-306581 Test February 1st, 2019
QLM2-306320 Test January 31st, 2019

Quality of Life Upgrade MK I (QLM1)[]

Version Type Release Date
QLM1-303707 Hotfix January 16th, 2019
QLM1-302293 Hotfix January 7th, 2019
QLM1-300556 Hotfix December 18th, 2018
QLM1-300458 Hotfix December 18th, 2018
QLM1-299985 Hotfix December 14th, 2018
QLM1-299790 Hotfix December 13th, 2018
QLM1-299745 Release December 13th, 2018
QLM1-299550 Test December 12th, 2018
QLM1-299241 Test December 11th, 2018
QLM1-298981 Test December 10th, 2018
QLM1-298560 Test December 6th, 2018
QLM1-298494 Test December 6th, 2018
QLM1-298192 Test December 5th, 2018
QLM1-297993 Test December 4th, 2018
QLM1-297718 Test December 3rd, 2018
QLM1-296878 Test November 28th, 2018
QLM1-296642 Test November 27th, 2018
QLM1-296335 Test November 26th, 2018
QLM1-296074 Test November 23rd, 2018
QLM1-295825 Test November 22nd, 2018

Space Industry Upgrade (SI)[]

Version Type Release Date
SI-291640 Hotfix October 29th, 2018
SI-291278 Hotfix October 24th, 2018
SI-290532 Hotfix October 18th, 2018
SI-290261 Hotfix October 17th, 2018
SI-290148 Release October 17th, 2018
SI-289971 Test October 16th, 2018
SI-289764 Test October 15th, 2018
SI-289453 Test October 11th, 2018
SI-289327 Test October 11th, 2018
SI-288927 Test October 9th, 2018
SI-288641 Hotfix October 4th, 2018
SI-288566 Test October 4th, 2018
SI-288384 Test October 3rd, 2018
SI-288237 Test October 3rd, 2018

Rocketry Upgrade (RU)[]

Version Type Release Date
RU-285480 Hotfix September 12th, 2018
RU-285039 Hotfix September 9th, 2018
RU-284856 Test September 6th, 2018
RU-284634 Hotfix September 5th, 2018
RU-284571 Release September 5th, 2018
RU-284510 Test September 4th, 2018
RU-284406 Test September 4th, 2018
RU-284372 Test September 4th, 2018
RU-284355 Test September 4th, 2018
RU-284252 Test September 3rd, 2018
RU-284053 Test August 30th, 2018
RU-283915 Test August 29th, 2018
RU-283743 Test August 28th, 2018
RU-283571 Test August 27th, 2018
RU-283532 Test August 27th, 2018
RU-283325 Test August 26th, 2018
RU-283169 Test August 23rd, 2018
RU-283136 Test August 23rd, 2018
RU-283065 Test August 23rd, 2018
RU-282883 Test August 22nd, 2018
RU-282822 Test August 22nd, 2018

Expressive Upgrade (EU)[]

Version Type Release Date
EU-280450 Hotfix August 1st, 2018
EU-280243 Hotfix July 31st, 2018
EU-280216 Hotfix July 31st, 2018
EU-279899 Hotfix July 29th, 2018
EU-279889 Hotfix July 29th, 2018
EU-279738 Hotfix July 26th, 2018
EU-279674 Hotfix July 26th, 2018
EU-279497 Hotfix July 25th, 2018
EU-279457 Release July 25th, 2018
EU-279276 Test July 24th, 2018
EU-279046 Test July 23rd, 2018
EU-279007 Test July 23rd, 2018
EU-278720 Test July 22nd, 2018
EU-278511 Test July 19th, 2018
EU-278502 Test July 19th, 2018
EU-278467 Test July 19th, 2018
EU-278302 Test July 18th, 2018
EU-278137 Test July 17th, 2018
EU-278044 Test July 17th, 2018
EU-277680 Test July 15th, 2018
EU-277446 Test July 12th, 2018
EU-277359 Test July 11th, 2018
EU-277328 Test July 11th, 2018
EU-277292 Test July 11th, 2018

Cosmic Upgrade (CU)[]

Version Type Release Date
CU-275206 Hotfix June 26th, 2018
CU-275160 Release June 25th, 2018
CU-274955 Test June 25th, 2018
CU-274778 Hotfix June 21st, 2018
CU-274660 Test June 20th, 2018
CU-274564 Hotfix June 20th, 2018
CU-274307 Hotfix June 19th, 2018
CU-274136 Hotfix June 18th, 2018
CU-273961 Hotfix June 17th, 2018
CU-273908 Hotfix June 17th, 2018
CU-273895 Test June 17th, 2018
CU-273742 Hotfix June 14th, 2018
CU-273690 Hotfix June 14th, 2018
CU-273433 Release June 13th, 2018
CU-273263 Test June 12th, 2018
CU-272945 Test June 11th, 2018
CU-272643 Test June 10th, 2018
CU-272331 Test June 7th, 2018
CU-272219 Test June 6th, 2018
CU-272105 Test June 6th, 2018
CU-271819 Test June 5th, 2018
CU-271624 Test June 4th, 2018
CU-271403 Test June 3rd, 2018
CU-271312 Test June 3rd, 2018
CU-271051 Test May 31st, 2018
CU-270894 Test May 31st, 2018
CU-270750 Test May 30th, 2018
CU-270641 Test May 30th, 2018

Ranching Upgrade Mark II (R2)[]

Version Type Release Date
R2-269773 Hotfix May 24th, 2018
R2-269334 Hotfix May 22nd, 2018
R2-267379 Hotfix May 6th, 2018
R2-266962 Hotfix May 3rd, 2018
R2-266730 Release May 2nd, 2018
R2-266638 Test May 1st, 2018
R2-266562 Test May 1st, 2018
R2-266516 Test May 1st, 2018
R2-266385 Test April 30th, 2018
R2-266340 Test April 30th, 2018
R2-266094 Test April 26th, 2018
R2-266019 Test April 26th, 2018
R2-265826 Test April 25th, 2018
R2-265752 Hotfix May 24th, 2018
R2-265724 Test April 24th, 2018
R2-265689 Test April 24th, 2018
R2-265646 Test April 24th, 2018
R2-265550 Test April 23rd, 2018
R2-265438 Test April 23rd, 2018
R2-265257 Test April 22nd, 2018
R2-265092 Test April 19th, 2018
R2-265069 Test April 19th, 2018
R2-265004 Test April 18th, 2018
R2-264838 Test April 18th, 2018
R2-264752 Test April 18th, 2018

Ranching Upgrade Mark I (R1)[]

Version Type Release Date
R1-262109 Hotfix April 2nd, 2018
R1-261452 Hotfix March 26th, 2018
R1-261394 Hotfix March 26th, 2018
R1-260921 Hotfix March 21st, 2018
R1-260847 Release March 21st, 2018
R1-260525 Test March 19th, 2018
R1-260388 Test March 18th, 2018
R1-260344 Test March 18th, 2018
R1-260234 Test March 15th, 2018
R1-259840 Test March 14th, 2018
R1-259633 Test March 13th, 2018
R1-259080 Test March 8th, 2018
R1-259043 Test March 8th, 2018
R1-258798 Test March 7th, 2018
R1-258691 Test March 7th, 2018

Occupational Upgrade (OC)[]

Version Type Release Date
OC-256131 Hotfix February 20th, 2018
OC-255716 Hotfix February 18th, 2018
OC-255502 Hotfix February 15th, 2018
OC-255486 Hotfix February 15th, 2018
OC-255385 Hotfix February 15th, 2018
OC-254781 Hotfix February 8th, 2018
OC-254700 Hotfix February 8th, 2018
OC-254439 Release February 7th, 2018
OC-254302 Test February 6th, 2018
OC-254091 Test February 5th, 2018
OC-254072 Test February 5th, 2018
OC-253949 Test February 4th, 2018
OC-253894 Test February 4th, 2018
OC-253600 Test February 1st, 2018
OC-253538 Test February 1st, 2018
OC-253205 Test January 30th, 2018
OC-253063 Test January 30th, 2018
OC-252799 Test January 28th, 2018
OC-252656 Test January 28th, 2018
OC-252151 Test January 24th, 2018

Tubular Upgrade (TB)[]

Version Type Release Date
TB-247630 Hotfix December 18th, 2017
TB-247460 Hotfix December 17th, 2017
TB-247173 Hotfix December 14th, 2017
TB-246879 Release December 13th, 2017
TB-246676 Test December 12th, 2017
TB-246513 Test December 11th, 2017
TB-246289 Test December 10th, 2017
TB-246040 Test December 7th, 2017
TB-245679 Test December 6th, 2017

Automation Upgrade (AT)[]

Version Type Release Date
AT-243285 Hotfix November 22nd, 2017
AT-243104 Hotfix November 21st, 2017
AT-242561 Hotfix November 16th, 2017
AT-242372 Release November 15th, 2017

Oil Upgrade (OI)[]

Version Type Release Date
OI-242186 Test November 14th, 2017
OI-242021 Test November 13th, 2017
OI-241964 Test November 13th, 2017
OI-241659 Test November 9th, 2017
OI-241465 Test November 8th, 2017
OI-241153 Test November 7th, 2017
OI-241066 Test November 6th, 2017
OI-240903 Test November 6th, 2017
OI-240508 Test November 2nd, 2017
OI-236679 Hotfix October 10th, 2017
OI-236264 Hotfix October 5th, 2017
OI-236191 Hotfix October 5th, 2017
OI-235856 Release October 4th, 2017

Outbreak Upgrade (OU)[]

Version Type Release Date
OU-235671 Test October 3rd, 2017
OU-235374 Test October 2nd, 2017
OU-235181 Test October 1st, 2017
OU-234935 Test September 28th, 2017
OU-234870 Test September 27th, 2017
OU-234832 Test September 27th, 2017
OU-234773 Test September 27th, 2017
OU-234607 Test September 26th, 2017
OU-234418 Test September 25th, 2017
OU-234293 Test September 24th, 2017
OU-234177 Test September 21st, 2017
OU-234175 Test September 24th, 2017
OU-234130 Hotfix September 21st, 2017
OU-234005 Test September 21st, 2017
OU-232512 Hotfix September 13th, 2017
OU-231825 Hotfix September 12th, 2017
OU-230787 Hotfix August 30th, 2017
OU-230587 Hotfix August 29th, 2017
OU-230365 Hotfix August 28th, 2017
OU-230103 Hotfix August 27th, 2017
OU-230042 Hotfix August 26th, 2017
OU-230032 Hotfix August 25th, 2017
OU-229982 Hotfix August 24th, 2017
OU-229689 Hotfix August 23rd, 2017
OU-229531 Release August 23rd, 2017

Agricultural Upgrade (AU)[]

The Agricultural Upgrade[2] was added as Oxygen Not Included entered Early Access.

Version Type Release Date
AU-221865 Hotfix June 30th, 2017
AU-221697 Hotfix June 27th, 2017
AU-221295 Hotfix June 25th, 2017
AU-220993 Hotfix June 21st, 2017
AU-220294 Hotfix June 18th, 2017
AU-219784 Hotfix June 11th, 2017
AU-219330 Hotfix June 11th, 2017
AU-219035 Hotfix June 4th, 2017
AU-218235 Hotfix May 28th, 2017
AU-217955 Hotfix May 24th, 2017
AU-217844 Hotfix May 23rd, 2017
AU-217794 Hotfix May 23rd, 2017
AU-217565 Hotfix May 18th, 2017
AU-217529 Hotfix May 18th, 2017
AU-217326 Hotfix May 17th, 2017
AU-217187 Release May 17th, 2017


Thermal Upgrade (TU)[]

The Thermal Upgrade[3] was the first major content update for the game.

Version Type Release Date
TU-214633 Hotfix April 24th, 2017
TU-214506 Hotfix April 23rd, 2017
TU-211867 Release March 28th, 2017
TU-211704 Test March 27th, 2017
TU-211579 Test March 26th, 2017
TU-211417 Test March 23rd, 2017
TU-211197 Test March 22nd, 2017
TU-210794 Test March 20th, 2017
TU-210489 Test March 16th, 2017
TU-210320 Test March 15th, 2017
TU-210199 Test March 14th, 2017
TU-210162 Test March 14th, 2017

Alpha Release[]

Version Type Release Date
208689 Hotfix March 1st, 2017
208557 Hotfix February 28th, 2017
208348 Hotfix February 27th, 2017
208196 Hotfix February 26th, 2017
207683 Hotfix February 22nd, 2017
207380 Hotfix February 21st, 2017
207167 Hotfix February 20th, 2017
206915 Hotfix February 19th, 2017
206776 Hotfix February 16th, 2017
206534 Hotfix February 15th, 2017
206501 Release February 15th, 2017

See also[]