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U37-483944 is an update for Oxygen Not Included released on October 28, 2021. Official Release Notes

Update Information[]


Hello everyone!

Today we have an adventurous new update for Oxygen Not Included: Spaced Out!

The Rad New Worlds update is focused on adding several new starting world options, making research more accessible, and filling some gaps in the radiation and nuclear gameplay. We've also been focused on fixing bugs and finding opportunities to polish the game. More on that point below...

New Worlds[]

Radiation and Nuclear[]

The Radiation Lamp emits a constant and predictable cone of radiation as it consumes the uranium ore supplied to it.

The second building is the Manual Radbolt Generator, which produces a small but reliable amount of Radbolts with no electrical power required. Now, a little Uranium Ore and some Duplicant labour are all that is needed to get your Materials Science Research operation underway.

Additionally, we've greatly reduced the rate at which Radbolts decay while traveling. It is now possible to send Radbolts a significantly further distance than before.

Research Changes[]


The team is very grateful for all the testing, feedback, and commentary the community has given us so far. Please keep it up! We appreciate any help in getting Spaced Out! to full release - and beyond!Full patch notes below. Please continue to report bugs here.


  • Spaced Out! Only
    • New Spaced Out! Style experimental "Moonlet Cluster" with five variations
      • Metallic Swampy
      • Frozen Forest
      • The Badlands
      • Flipped
      • Radioactive Ocean
    • Added Classic Style Oceania Cluster.
    • Added Classic Style Oasisse Cluster.
    • Reworked how Orbital Research works:
    • Renamed Orbital Research to Data Analysis Research.
    • Re-implemented the Virtual Planetarium, which consumes Data Banks to conduct Data Analysis Research.
    • Renamed Orbital Microlab to Orbital Data Collection Lab.
    • Orbital Data Collection Lab now creates Data Banks.
    • Added many new sources of Data Banks around the world in (POIs, Artifact, Geysers).
    • Added Radiation Lamp building.
    • Added the Manual Radbolt Generator building
    • Radiation now kills food poisoning, slimelung, and zombie spore germs..
    • Added ambient sounds for radiation.

Changes and Improvements[]

  • All Versions
    • Added voice for Pip and Pipsqueak.
    • Small adjustments to Main Menu to better support UI layout on lower resolution displays.
    • Added Element class Database category icons.
    • Added Element class Database descriptions for Filtration Mediums, Ice, and Refined Metals.
    • Updated Combustible Liquids and Compostables element category descriptions.
    • Neural Vacillator chair is now demolishable.
    • Anti Entropy Thermo-Nullifier is now demolishable instead of deconstructable.
    • Updated all translations.
    • Performance
      • Significantly Improved performance of Duplicant and critter name label display.
      • Reduce frame time by spreading out animation position offset updates over multiple frames.
  • Base Game Only
    • Minor changes to Choose Destination Screen layout.
    • Rime's Forest biome now includes some buried Oxyfern seeds.
  • Spaced Out! Only
    • Moved Diamond Press automation output port down two tiles so it is easier to access.
    • Radbolts now lose 1 radbolt for every 10 tiles traveled instead of 1 radbolt for each tile traveled.
    • Changes to Choose Destination Screen layout.
    • Added exclamation status when a rocket's Spacefarer module is unreachable.
    • Added icons for new achievements.
    • Updated Cosmic Archeology achievement description.
    • Added a small amount of noise to radiation emitters
    • Fixed wording of Morale High Ground achievement to be more clear.
    • Crashed Satellites are now demolishable.
    • Cryotank 3000 is demolishable after defrosting the Duplicant inside.
    • Undiscovered random geysers found in Classic Style clusters are now displayed as Unknown Geysers when selecting an asteroid on the Starmap.
    • Reordered Classic Clusters and set difficulties.
    • Renamed the Large Forest Cluster to Verdante Cluster.
    • Small changes to artifact victory sequence camera work.
    • Uranium Ore is now requires "Superhard Digging" instead of "Super-Duperhard Digging".
    • Materials with high radiation absorption are indicated as such in their tooltips in the materials selection panel of the build menu.
    • Radiation blocking percentage is now displayed in hover text while the radiation overlay is active. This information is also now visible in the "Properties" tab of the detail panel of a selected cell or tile.
    • Interplanetary Payloads and Orbital Cargo Modules on the Starmap are treated as sterile environments when transporting food.
    • Worldgen:
      • Moved Teleporter POIs on classic clusters a bit further away from the start.
      • Added a small Uranium Geode near the start in Classic Style clusters and Spaced Out! Style clusters excluding the Moonlet Clusters.
    • Modding:
      • Replaced nameTable with nameTables in cluster configs. Name tables are merged when selecting a random name.


  • All Versions
    • Fix Nosh Sprout not respecting its safe atmosphere requirements.
    • Fixed issue causing dead critters to show up in daily reports counts.
    • Fixed Polluted Oxygen and Oxylite bubbles appearing in unexplored areas of the map.
    • Timelapse screenshots are now stored in folders matching a unique world id, instead of possibly non-unique world names.
    • Fix vanilla retired colony migrate screenshot and handle an empty folder
    • Fix progression display for Easy Livin achievement.
    • Fixed issue preventing Duplicant names from hiding when the camera is zoomed out.
    • Smooth Hatchling egg chances are now affected by eating Aluminum Ore. Removed reference to unused Electrum diet.
    • Fixed Wall Clock's height being incorrect.
    • Fixed bug preventing Security Doors from being deconstructable after loading a save.
    • Fixed entombment issues with rockets.
  • Spaced Out! Only
    • Fixed issue where Duplicants would not put on a suit if the checkpoint was built next to the rocket interior door.
    • Food temperature rot rules now apply to food in Interplanetary Payloads on the Starmap.
    • Fixed issue causing Terrestrial Artifacts to lose the Cosmic Archaeology achievement's tag on load.
    • Fixed bug causing Diamond Press to lose an automation input port.
    • Fixed Radical Trip achievement string.
    • Fixed issue preventing incapacitated Duplicants from being carried to a medical cot outside of the rocket they are in.
    • Fixed a crash that happened when composting seeds with different mutations in the same cell.
    • Mutation information of unidentified seeds is no longer displayed in the UI.
    • Possible fix to meteors depositing material outside the worlds they appear on.
    • Fixed issue that allowed Dupes to refuel Research Reactors even when fuel delivery was disabled by automation.
    • Fixed crash that occurred when activating the Temporal Tear Opener.
    • Fixed crash caused by having an evaporating liquid sit on top of a Solar Panel.
    • Adjustments to background orbiting object visuals to prevent overlaps.
    • Fix Radiation Sensor referencing temperature instead of radiation.
    • Fix an issue where the automation system wasn't picking up very short state changes from the Radbolt Sensor.
    • Stone and Smooth Hatches can now eat Cobalt Ore.
    • Ladder Bed shake animation no longer plays when a Duplicant walks by an empty bed.
    • Potential fix for a crash caused by the Saturn Critter Trap.
    • Fixed "Critter Count" daily report statistics in clusters with multiple planetoids.
    • Fixed "Rockets in Flight" daily report statistics.
    • Morale High Ground achievement now requires at least one Duplicant in space
    • Fixed issue causing pinned resources panel layout to break when switching asteroids
    • Fixed Notification Systems alignment issue in the research screen.
    • Preserve priority settings when a Spindly Grubfruit Plant becomes a Grubfruit Plant.
    • Fixed issue allowing reordering of rocket modules into spaces they cannot fit.
    • Fixed rare crash in stress tooltip.
    • Worldgen:
      • Improved oil biome placement reliability on Rusty Oil Asteroid.
      • Alternate Pod Location world trait restricted to starting worlds only.
      • Prevent generating worlds where the starting area template overlaps the borders.
      • Fixed issue failing to place the Gravitas templates on Tundra Moonlet.
      • Changed minor volcano spawning rules on Sandstone Asteroid, Forest Asteroid, Swampy Asteroid (Spaced Out style clusters) so they can also spawn in the magma biome when present from the Magma Channels world trait.

Addendum: We're investigating an issue preventing achievements from working on Epic Game Store.

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If you run into a bug, please visit the Klei Bug Tracker.

Affected Pages

Page Reflected Version
Anti Entropy Thermo-Nullifier
Applied Sciences Research
Category:Research (Spaced Out)
Data Analysis Research
Diamond Press
Food Poisoning
Grubfruit Plant
Interplanetary Payload
Ladder Bed
Manual Radbolt Generator
Materials Study Terminal
Orbital Data Collection Lab
Planetoid Clusters
Radbolt Sensor
Radiation Lamp
Rime Asteroid
Rusty Oil Asteroid
Temporal Tear Opener
Uranium Ore
Virtual Planetarium
Zombie Spores

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