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Wolframite is a Metal Ores that can be found in the Frozen Biome. It has the highest melting point of any metal ore, but provides no bonus to overheat temperature.

Wolframite can be recovered from Space Missions on Glimmering Planets.


Metal Refinery produces Tungsten from Wolframite with 100% efficiency:

100 kg Wolframite = 100 kg Tungsten

Rock Crusher produces Tungsten from Wolframite with 50% efficiency:

100 kg Wolframite = 50 kg Tungsten + 50 kg Sand

Smooth Hatches eat Wolframite and excrete Tungsten with around 75% efficiency while Stone Hatches eat Wolframite and excrete Coal. It will increase the chance of laying Smooth Hatch eggs.

Wolframite has the highest melting point and second-highest Thermal Conductivity of Metal Ores, making it useful for Radiant Gas Pipe-based heat transfer systems, though Aluminum Ore is more efficient at temperatures below its melting point. It has the highest possible melting point of any Radiant Gas Pipe material, even beating Thermium.

Wolframite can be used as a substitute for Raw Mineral when constructing Liquid Pipes and Insulated Liquid Pipes. Wolframite Liquid Pipes offer the best Thermal Conductivity of any liquid pipe that does not need Refined Metal, making them an early-game substitute for Radiant Liquid Pipes.


Spaced Out Logo.png It can be harvested on rocket missions to renewable Space POIs:

  • In Glimmering Asteroid Fields at a rate of 180 kg – 540 kg per cycle.


Due to the low quantities of Wolframite, it is recommended to reserve Wolframite only for Tungsten production.